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Oxwich Wreck

Place Name : Oxwich, Gower Peninsula

Lat / Long : 51 ° 31 ' 45 '' - - 4 ° 8' 24'' - System used to obtain Long / Lat : unknown
OS Grid Ref - Square : 0 8 Figure : 0
Type : Oil tanker Built :  
Shipyard :
Hull material : steel  
Size : 0 tonnes Length : m Beam : m
Sunk : World War II Cause : mine Date Found :
  Shallowest Deepest
Top : 0 m 3 m
Deck :
0 m 0 m
Bed : 5 m 12 m
Orientation : unknown Lying : unknown Condition : Unknown
Seabed Type : Unknown
Artifacts : fishing weights, oil, mussels
Wreck Owner
Owner : -
Access : Public
War Grave : Unknown Protected : Unknown
Restrictions : unknown
When to Dive Best time to dive the wreck, relative to high wate
0 - hours 0 - minutes - - high water
General Information :
Small Boat Launching :
Could at a pinch do this one from the shore. Though with some of the tides around Oxwich best from a boat. Launching is at Oxwich beach, not far from the wreck, car parking is also here. Vans & a kiosk sell hot food also the Oxwich bay hotel does cheap nice meals and a barbeque in the summer selling burgers etc. It costs about 5 quid per day to park at oxwich and launch I think, we usually launch at Swansea and motor round. Launch at Oxwich beach, or launch at Mumbles and motor around, alternatively you can launch at Port Eynon
Notes :

A real photographers wreck, quite intact and recognisable as a wreck, quite big as well and stuffed full of marine life, there are loads of nice conger here, I intended to try hand feeding them once but weather stopped me. Beware there can sometimes be overfalls around the point, the waves come not sideways but from above. A favorite trick is to find a conger, shine my torch on the end of the tunnel and flash my steel lobbie hook in the entrance, they snap harmlessly at it if you play with them like a cat & a piece of string. The same thing works for many fish the glinting light being mistaken.
The wreck is an oil tanker mined in WWI sometime, it broke in two though some sources say that the bow and stern were raised and made into a new ship, what remains is midships. One of our instructors while mucking around with a pipe was suprised by some oil flowing out. Because of the depth you get all day on her and she's easy to find on a rising tide as for ages she sticks up slightly.
You can find her on an echo sounder too, motor parrallel to the shore of Oxwich point, when you see a large arrow painted on the rock move in towards the shore. Its around here.
You couldn't ask for a better shallow second dive or novice dive.

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Posted on : June 26, 2007
has anyone dived the wreck recently?

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