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HMS Formidable

Place Name : off Lyme Regis

Lat / Long : 0 ° 0 ' 0 '' - - 0 ° 0' 0'' - System used to obtain Long / Lat : unknown
OS Grid Ref - Square : 0 8 Figure : 0
Type : battleship Built : 1900ish  
Shipyard :
Hull material :  
Size : 0 tonnes Length : m Beam : m
Sunk : 1915.01.01 Cause : torpedoed Date Found :
  Shallowest Deepest
Top : 60 m 0 m
Deck :
0 m 0 m
Bed : 65 m 0 m
Orientation : unknown Lying : unknown Condition : Unknown
Seabed Type : Unknown
Artifacts :
Wreck Owner
Owner : -
Access : unknown
War Grave : Unknown Protected :
Restrictions :
When to Dive Best time to dive the wreck, relative to high wate
0 - hours 0 - minutes - - high water
General Information :
Small Boat Launching :
Notes :

HMS Formidable was a typical pre-dreadnought battleship built around the turn of the century, with a main armament of 4 12" guns, a secondary armament of 8 or 10 6" guns mounted in casemates along each side, with some 4" guns and torpedo tubes. Rendered obsolete by HMS Dreadnought, which could have taken on HMS Formidable and two of her sisters in a straight fight, this type of battleship, of which the Royal Navy had many, would have been used primarily for coastal defence and bombardment duties. Later in the war many of these ships were converted for minelaying or accommodation. Don't quote me on this but I think HMS Formidable may have been present at the Dardanelles campaign in 1915, bombarding Turkish forts to open a channel to the Black Sea for the Russians {which failed}. She was probably on coastal defence duties when she was sunk. The design of the Formidable was part of a long line of ships inspired by the Royal Sovereign class of 1892 and usually built 8 or 9 ships at a time, every two years. British yards built many of these not just for the Royal Navy but also for other navies, chiefly Japan, who, with a British-designed fleet, annihilated a French-designed fleet at the Battle of Tsushima in 1905. At the time of her construction Formidable would have been the industry standard but had the war not happened she probably would have gone to the scrapyard. I think she sank in 1915. Sorry about the imprecise nature of some of this information but I haven't got anything else to hand. Hope it's been of some help.

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Supplementary Imformation
Added by:
Posted on : February 1, 2017
The Single Prop wreck which was upside down could the the HMS Empress of India - roughly 4 nautical miles east of HMS Formidable.

See here:

Added by:
Allan H
Posted on : July 30, 2015
I beleve Formidable was sunk in the early hours of new years day 1915 if so she was gone befor the bombardment in the dardenels!

The bodies that were washed ashor were taken to Lym Regis and there is a story there of the body of a ships boy 1st class who was layed out on the floor and covered with a blanket!

A dog came along and lay on him and the body heat from the dog revived him, a very lucky boy?

I read a story about a dive on Formidable in Diver when I was working in Dubai in the 80s

The diver said he had dived her and she was upsid down with one single prop!

I replied to that article because I dived Formidable in the early 80s.

She is upright twin propes and very very big and absolutly covered in nets, the viz was awful I would not recomend this wreck to any one except the most advanced and experienced diver, its a death trap!

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