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Eccleston Delph

Eccleston Delph has been known as the Eccy Delph, or Hurst House Delph for the last century, and was mined by 12 local Quarrymen producing stone for Blackpool Promenade and for thin slates to cover the local barns and roofs. The Family of "Hurst" who originally owned and worked the Quarry, were well known in the area as Mr Hurst was Chairman of the Parish Council of Heskin for 20 years. Some time later it also became known as Marsden's Quarry, although that reference is a little uncertain. Eventually at appoximately 90 feet (30 metres) below ground level the quarrying became too dificult because the natural spring was filling the hole faster than the mill winding pumps could clear it. Becoming less and less profitable it was abandonded and eventually filled up with water, becoming what was considered a natural beauty spot.

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posted : March 08, 2015

Looking for a buddy to dive this site, I am a PADI staff instructor living in lancs, I can dive any day as I have a part time job early mornings (milkman) I am very experienced but I don't care if you are a novice or professional. Just drop me a line

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posted : March 21, 2012

scubajules i live in leeds looking for a dive buddy to dive regular don1t have transport will be willing to shrae the petrol with you need to get some diving done can only dive at the wk ends as i work during the wk could dive during the wk given notice you can get in touch by email or 07837736331 shaun

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posted : March 18, 2012

hi i am looking 4 a dive buddy for wk ends went 2 capers couldn`t get a buddy waste of time i live in leeds contact me at live in leeds aow 25dives need 2 get more dives .

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posted : August 03, 2011

I have been finding my dive trips a bit expensive as I have been travelling on my own to dives, so it would be great to have a regular buddy to dive with. I am well experienced in warm and UK waters over 260 dives and Rescue level. Where do you live I am in Leeds

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posted : August 23, 2009

have just completed my padi open water dives here (though not through the delph school) and i love this site vis has only ever been 3m at the best but there is things to see and it gets down to 17m with lots of fish...i will dive this site often as its close to home and if you dive here everything else seems easy!! definatly 10 out of 10

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scuba diver3918
posted : August 24, 2008

iam a sports diver iam looking for a buddy to go diving with plz leave a message

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posted : April 27, 2008

been visiting the site for the last weekends, very enjoyable site to dive when the silt has not been disturbed, very helpful and friendly people, great local place to dive in, dive here for a week and you can dive anywhere..

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posted : May 22, 2006

Hi if any one wants a dive mid week i can go as i finnish work wed to fri at aprox 1.30 pm and i only live aprox 30 mins away so let me know my name is Donna you can mail me at hope to hear from you soon !

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posted : April 13, 2006

Dived eccy delph last Sunday, vis was crap (less than a metre) a few divers had been in before us. Great site, looks like they may be draining water so they can carry out further developments. Very nice staff & great facilities.

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posted : October 11, 2005

dived the delph today. just the two of us there so great fun and good viz. this site gets better and better every time i go. lots of tarmac going down to improve the car parking. if youre stuck for mid-week diving drop me a line and you might be able to tag along with us.

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Phil Clark.
posted : September 22, 2005

Hi I have made 30 dives at the Delpth in the last four weks started 17/08/05 as its only 25 minutes from home its a good site to go to, The only problem is that there is a lack of diving buddies thru the week (sadly) I have spoken to John and Barry) about this and it has been agreed that we start some form of buddy list up which can go onto there site as well so divers can keep in touch with any other like minded people who would like to go mid week. If anybody would be interested then please email me happy to start the ball rolling. Regards Phil Clark.

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posted : August 06, 2005

Due to the recent death of Mr John cooper. The shop cooper ice & aqua is open on Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays For air / nitrox fills. Apeks servicing. Dive kit hire. Cylinder testing and General sales. 120 high street Wellington Telford. phone 01952 273905

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posted : May 02, 2005

Finally got to dive this bank hol weekend at the delph. (sun) Barrie had got my new bottle i orderd a couple of days before, Filled & waiting to go. Exellent Day was Had & i really Enjoyed my time in & out of the water, Visibility was exellent on first & second dive , dive 3 was a little poor but that was late on in the afternoon & alot of people blowing bubbles. Question would i go again ? Damm Right, Exellent for first timers & people with alot of dives under their belts, Exellent Staff really helpful good shop. Now i've got to mention the Cafe, Had the most delicious cheese toastie & asked for a little garnish ie: a tomato, Toastie arrived & Got a very Tasty little side salad, Hows that for 1st class Service. :-)

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posted : April 26, 2005

Appoliges for getting youre name wrong Barry, for some strange reason i had Bill in mee head See you Sun :) Moses

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50 Bar
posted : April 24, 2005

Eccy Delph rocks!!!!!!! Dived there last week, and do so on a regular basis, Barrie, the guy who runs it is great, very friendly and always up for a chat. Facilities are in the process of being updated, new cafe'. Its a nice site to go to, lots of things to see, Viz usually very good, although silt easily stirredup (At least you know where you've been!), good for training etc. Especially like the night diving. And i bet noone else knows this, but they' maybe letting people camp over night soon, so that'l make a good weekend, of day/night diving bbq's etc for clubs/teams etc. Enjoy it, if you live in the area, cause Capern/Stoney/Vivian and Devils Bridge can be a bit far at times for people. Keep it safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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posted : April 23, 2005

never dived there yet, but have signed up, extremely friendly staff. really looking forward to diving there just need a buddy. bill who owns the shop is trying to start a club up so let him know you are interested look at there webpage for further details. ps. Stop moaning & go back to being a smiley diver, & support the delph. Thank you Moses.

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posted : April 08, 2005

Went there on Sat 2nd April 05. Staff excellent, really helpful. Price has gone up to 7.50, fair enough as the place is being developend and has improved lots. Everyone there to help and assist. I'm new to diving and to me this is the prefect place to start and practice. They have changing rooms, showers, Cafe, toilets. I can't express how helpful the staff are. my advise is GO and enjoy

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Rob Higgie
posted : March 27, 2005

Dived their on Sunday. Vis was easily 5 to 6 meter water temt 8 degrees. Staff very friendly as ever.

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posted : March 21, 2005

not dived here since sept last yr vis was poor, but it didnt put me off will be going back again this bank hol, far more friendly than crap- n- pay! every 1 should sack crap-n-pay n support the the delph!

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posted : December 21, 2004

went to the delph on sunday (19th dec 2004) today was the last divint day available at the delph this year. suprisingly good vis!! the fish were being freindly and saying hello to us aswell. great dives with my buddy and a great end to my first year of diving. i strongley recomend the delph for diving it is really improveing the have a web page have a gander at it. and once again the staff were really freindly towards us. cant wait till they re open in the new year.

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