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Littleton Lane Pit, West London (6m)

Littleton Lane, Shepperton, Middx. Near Greenham Sand and Ballast Company and a Sailing Club, one mile from Chertsey Bridge.

The pit goes to a depth of about 7 metres and contains a large pike. Last known owner was the Civil Service Sailing Club who charge clubs per year for access, providing them with a key. Write to the secretary of the club for access.

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posted : August 22, 2005

It is still owned by the Civil Service Sailing Club. Maz depth is 7m, not 6m. There is a roped underwater trail, taking in old cars, a sunken boat, and a platform. Viz can be 15m, but since the bottom is very silty, it only takes one diver ... I have seen shoals of big carp there, and I have heard of wolfpacks of pike (but only seen singletons). Although well known, seems little used. In 15 years and probably a dozen visits I have only seen other divers there twice. A good place to get wet and practice if you are based in West London and too mean to pay at Wraysbury. There are no facilities apart from car parking.

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posted : September 14, 2004

Hi to all readers of UK diving If this does not seem too inappropriate? Can I ask all readers to vote for me; I am standing for BSAC national council. As a diabetic I want to encourage as many disabled people into the sport. I also hope to see the age that clubs can start training divers be reduced from 14 to 12 at the individual diving officers discretion. I will also listen to as many divers as possible to see what you want from BSAC. This in turn will help me guide BSAC in the direction that the members desire. If I can ever be of any assistance please do contact me. Many thanks for taking the time to read this. Kind Regards Robert Higgie Email

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