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Although Lands End may be the last of mainland Britain, there are still chunks of the UK further south-west which have acted as a magnet to the adventurous diver since the early 1960s. These are the Scilly Isles, which like their mainland Cornish neighbour are steeped in mystery and legend, most notably as the remnants of the fabled lost land of Lyonesse. This isthmus of land supposedly once connected the Scilly Isles to Lands End and was a land of great beauty, boasting 140 villages and churches. The Seven Stones reef is apparently all that is left since the drowning of the land in the sixth century, although folklore insists that fishermen still trawl up parts of the buildings in their nets, and even hear the church bells toll in stormy seas. more

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posted : December 27, 2020

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posted : November 20, 2013

Dived hear for five year's on the run probably the best uk diving I've done. We have had some great seal fun. We Dived with Dave McBride,

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posted : October 31, 2006

This is the best Wreck/photography diving in the south of England. 25+ vis. 16+c and very good dive boats.Try Jo on Moonshadow she is very knowageable and helpfull with many sites not all of which are in the books!

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posted : September 10, 2004

what is the diving like in the winter

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