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St Abbs

First discovered in the 1950s, Cathedral Rock is one of the UK's most popular dive sites, and possibly one of the most dived sites in the whole of the British Isles. Saying that, many divers often fail to find Cathedral Rock, relying on poor information or bad navigational skills. More often than not they are just enjoying themselves so much, diving the rest of the area off St Abbs harbour wall, that they never get as far as Cathedral Rock. These are the divers who like to wax poetic about the dive, talking of the shafts of light and cathedral-like atmosphere! more

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posted : December 27, 2020

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posted : January 21, 2010

Hi there, I'm a architecture student working a project on St-Abbs which is a diving club, I would like to know your opinion about diving there, what is missing that you need as stucture or space where you meet with other divers and share your experiences? Would you stay somwhere after diving or you would rather go home? I mean what does really a diver need before and after diving? And last question; what is this walls and archs that you can see when you dive, is it by the harbor or far away, please tell me more. Many thanks

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posted : May 29, 2007

without doubt one of the best shore dives in the u.k and as the info says if you dont have a local diver to nav for you many miss it! on a sunny day this dive is the best and i know as i have been on at least 20 occasions! best way to dive this site is through the arch and turn left with the wall to your left bringing you around the reef and back to the arch. on your way round there are lots of nooks and crannies to get your torch in and find all manner of critters

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