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Because of the road system coupled with the topography there are not many places to launch RIBs although inflatables can be man-handled in at most beaches. For RIBs there is the MENAI SLIP just beneath the Menai Bridgeon Beech Road. This is public but busy in the summer. Please be careful. Also when launching from here, the channel is not wide and so showing off is not advised.
At Beaumaris there is a marina and a public slip, although this is not in good condition. I believe the Marine allow people to launch for donations to the RNLI. This is the launching site for everything up to Red Wharf bay.

Red Wharf Bay has a slip way but it is strickly tidal and at low tide the mud flats extend for about 1/2 mile so there's no way back in.

Amlwch is next to the coast and has a couple of launching sites but they are hard to find and I think private.

The next site is Holyhead this is from the Marina to the side of the ferry port.They will let you launch but you must ask and donate to the RNLI. Warning they will charge moorage if you use one of their bouys will waiting between dives. Although this is only about £10 a day and as they do have security present. For some clubs this may be a good place to sotre their boats while the're in the area.


Beumaris round to Red Wharf Bay.
There are several wrecks in this area, ranging from small trawlers to coasters and a small ferry. They can be difficult to find and so contact me for transects or Fixings. Also there are several areas of cliffs which make good dives and some reefs . Depths down to 35m. Puffin Island is the best of these. Seals are often present on the Mainland side and have been known to stick around while divers are around.

Launching is from Beaumaris or Menai Slip.

Red Wharf Bay to Amlwch.
There are several small bays and rocky shores that make good shore dive sites Generally North facing they are sheltered and so can be dived in most conidtionsalthough vis does reduce. There are some great gully systems that look almost tropical...I said almost...no steamer suits here. This area is used by UCNW as 'spare' for when the weather is bad.

Amlwch to Holyhead.
The 'North' of the island is not very good for diving, apart for the restricted access, most of this coastline is sand making for some pretty boring diving.


Holyhead marina itself makes an interesting reserve site for when the weather is bad. There is a massive wall that protects it from most conditions, although the reach across the bay means that there may still be quite a large swell inside.

The Skerries.
Off Holyhead, these are the last stop before Ireland. Great diving both Cliff and Wreck. Depths to 40m+. This is a mature dive. It needs a well equiped boator as UCNW do it...2 inflatables working together. The conditions can change dramatically and the currents can be bad. However well worth it.
Launch from Holyhead.

The Stacks.

North Stack and South Stack provide some great diving, the best way to them is out of Holyhead. There is a strong current coming round the headland and a lot of confused water, so you do need a good boat handler.
Once out of the current though the water calms and there are several bays and gullies to explore. The wreck of a B17 bomber lies just below North Stack. (see diver last year). Depths range from 10-20m

Holy Island.

Opps, I forgot the launch site in Treaddur bay. Mike will shoot me! There is a launch site here and many clubs use this as the launch site for the Stacks/Skerries as there are more facilities. Also the bay makes good diving and there are lots of divers around here to prove this.
The 2 dive shops nearest to Bangor are here. Mikes actually on the bay... Yankee flag outside, can't miss it. And Martin Sampson's inland a bit (ASSC), they stock most things between them and do air at reasonable prices.

Holy Island down the 'West Coast'

Again the lack of launch sites means that this os only really shore dive territory, but that's ok as there are lots of bays and sites. Caemes bay...now known as Cable bay is a good one. Depths only to 10m but good for Novices and lots tosee...although when there are storms this site closes in very quickly.
I know this is only a rough guide to the diving and I know I have missed several sites off...but I hope that I've given people a good idea what is around this area. If you want more information please contact me. If I can't help, there are 3 clubs in the Bangor area and 2 on Anglesey so they will be able to. We also have plenty of facilities in the area to cope with hoards of immigrant divers and climbers! So hope to see you here at some time.

A map of Holyhead provided by Anthony Appleyard:

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