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These pages are information and in-depth articles about places to go diving. Plus comments provided by diver on these places to dive.

Looking for a dive centre, compressor centre or dive shop in the area you want to dive? Try our buiness directory. Share your experiences by adding comments to any section of places to dive.

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Share your expreiences by adding comments to any section of places to dive

UK Coastal Dives Coastal Dives

Read extensive articles on coastal dives around the UK and add your comments and advice on the diving these sites.

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More articles on Inland dives in the UK. Tell us about these dives by adding your own comments.

UK Wreck Map Wreck Map

Use our extensive UK & Ireland maps to search for wrecks to dive.

International : Places to Dive International Places to Dives

View our list of international dive destination mini sites.

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Find info on Liveaboards in your area.