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SPORT DIVER – September 2005

  • Dan Beecham follows South Africa’s Sardine Run in the company of the dolphins who hunt them
  • Snorkelling with seals, but watch out for the great white sharks!
  • Ningaloo Reef – there’s more to Australia than the Great Barrier Reef
  • Moray eels, not as fearsome as they look
  • Rurutu – a winter haunt of humpback whales and the opportunity to snorkel with them
  • Will Postlethwaite helps rescue a basking shark caught in nets
  • Tenerife – diving a submerged passenger plane

SPORT DIVER – July 2005

  • Join Mark Evans on the fascinating wall dives of the Bunaken National Marine Park in Indonesia
  • Diver fatalities – what can we learn?
  • Weekend diving in Malta
  • Charles Stirling examines the diving of Grenada
  • Drifting by – in a fast flowing river
  • Underwater Angels – the safety divers who support the free-diving community

SPORT DIVER – August 2005

  • Mark Evans goes “muck diving” on the volcanic sands of the Lembeh Strait in Indonesia
  • Costa del Sol – more than just sun and sand
  • There’s more to Orkney than the wrecks of Scapa Flow – Sport Diver explores
  • Bonaire – the calm Caribbean and the wild Atlantic coast
  • Stuart Philpott examines the diving variety just a short hop away on the island of Jersey
  • Or try Guernsey, or Sark !
  • Eight Acre Lake – the new inland site in East Yorkshire
  • Sport Diver tests out dive masks

SPORT DIVER – June 2004

  • Join Will Postlethwaite on his South African diving safari
  • Did you know that there is great diving in Bali?
  • Rebecca Corbally samples the diving in Bermuda
  • Sport Diver puts BCDs to the test
  • Dive the splendid HMS Republic

SPORT DIVER – July 2004

  • Sydney – more of a dive destination than you ever thought
  • Jerome Hingrat dives the Connemara loughs – bog diving at its best
  • Escape to the diving delights of Belize
  • Wonderful wreck diving in Hampshire
  • Something a bit different in Egypt, Taba Heights
  • Rebecca Corbally takes up the challenge of a Maldives holiday on a budget

DIVER – July 2004

  • Read Dive’s tales of the UK’s most popular destination – the Red Sea
  • Thermals at the ready – Jerome Konen dives in Iceland
  • Charles Hood tests 10 entry level regulators
  • Getting the most out of wreck diving
  • Wreck diving around Skye
  • Diving in the Eastern Caribbean

DIVE – April 2004

  • Douglas David Seifert travels to Guadalupe Island off the Mexican coast in search of great white sharks
  • The rare site of coral spawning captured at Grand Cayman
  • Leading cave diver, Gavin Newman, recreates the historic dives that explored the Wookey Hole cave system
  • Charles Hood examines a simple bit of kit that could save your life – surface signals
  • DIVE provides an illustrated guide to some simple maintenance to get your kit ready for summer diving
  • A guide to diving the steamship Ben Veg off the Isle of Man
  • The real Guide takes a good look at liveaboards in British waters

SPORT DIVER – April 2004

  • Discover the diving of the many islands of West Papua
  • Mark Evans tries the amazing “specialty” dives of Andros in The Bahamas
  • Stunning diving from a liveaboard out of Patong Beach, Thailand
  • Follow Ethan Leigh on the wreck of the G11 submarine
  • Swim with whalesharks in Djibouti
  • Sport Diver tests out fins in the £50-100 price bracket


SPORT DIVER – January 2004

  • Supermodel Heidi Klum learns to scuba dive to take part in Discovery Channel’s Shark Week
  • Paul Vinten photographs sharks at Elphinstone Reef
  • Wakatobi – amazing diving in Indonesia
  • Simon Volpe reports on his year spent observing military diver training at Horsea Island
  • Down Mexico Way – Mark Evans finds out what British divers have been missing
  • Explore the wrecks of the Normandy coast with Charles Stirling


SPORT DIVER – November 2003

  • “Here’s one we dived earlier” – Blue Peter goes cave diving
  • Stuart Philpott checks out the diving of Klein Curacao
  • Simon Volpe dives two World War One hospital ships sunk in mid-Channel
  • Barbados – more diving than you thought
  • Is it worth a 22 hour flight to dive in Fiji? – Matt Bailey definitely thinks so
  • Diving the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula – subterranean caverns permanently filled with water

SPORT DIVER – October 2003

  • Tanya Streeter reveals why she freedives
  • Face to Face with the giant Australian cuttlefish
  • Neil Bennett dives off Mozambique
  • Diving the wreck of the Mars off Tyneside
  • Holidays where your kids don’t mean “no diving”
  • Mark Evans tries out the new Red Sea liveaboard Emperor Fraser
  • Threats to the Zambezi sharks of the South African coast
  • Martyn Farr, renowned cave diving authority, answers Sport Diver’s questions


SPORT DIVER – September 2003

  • Diving in the world’s fastest tidal currents in British Colombia
  • The overlooked wreck diving of North Berwick
  • Diving in Dahab – the ultimate father and son dive trip
  • Mark Evans joins a dive club at Scapa Flow
  • World depth record holder, John Bennett, explores the wreck of the Princess of the Orient at 122m
  • HMS Stubborn; Ned Middleton traces the history and dives the wreck

DIVE – August 2003

  • Charles Hood describes the diving of Cornwall
  • Graeme Gourlay meets the big fish in the southern Red Sea
  • Follow the exploration of Pitcairn Island and the wreck of the Bounty with a Joint Services Expedition
  • Charles Hood tests a range of membrane drysuits
  • Find out the 50 ways that you can become a better diver
  • Innes McCartney dives the submarine HMS Tantivy near Inverness
  • DIVE readers give their opinions on diving in Turkey

SPORT DIVER – August 2003

  • Tony White shares his magical liveaboard trip in the Komodo National Park, Indonesia
  • Dive the WW1 wrecks off Weymouth
  • The amazing world of nudibranchs
  • Explore the “Steel Forest” of wrecks sunk by Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas
  • A weekend’s diving in Spain – Rebecca Corbally tries it out
  • Done the theme parks? – Dive Florida

SPORT DIVER - June 2003

  • The wreck of the HMS Maori in Malta
  • Free diving in Australia and New Zealand
  • Fish with a sting in the tail
  • Rebecca Corbally joins a Maldives liveaboard that really caters for both divers and non-divers
  • Get snapping - Sport Diver announces Underwater Photographer of the Year 2003
  • Chris Pascoe dives the wreck of Lancer II off Newhaven
  • Check out Wraysbury dive centre

IMMERSED - Spring 2003, volume 8, no. 1

  • Follow the fascinating life of Richard Murphy, long-time collaborator with the Cousteau family
  • Canadian divers search for evidence of prehistoric settlement on a now submerged land bridge
  • F. Gregg Bemis Jr. details his problems with current wreck legislation and describes how the new organisation ShipREX International could contribute to making greater sense of it
  • Oscar nominated Greg MacGillivray describes filming Coral Reef Adventure
  • Explore the diving of the crystal clear St. Lawrence River

SPORT DIVER - May 2003

  • The truth about the Bull Shark
  • Beautiful landscapes of Britain - underwater
  • Simon Brown checks out the National Diving Centre near Chepstow
  • Diving in Bonaire
  • Is there really diving in New York?
  • Tanya Streeter tells the fascinating story of a deep dive
  • Visit the manatees of Miami
  • Diving the marvellous Maldives

DIVE - May 2003

  • Jack Jackson investigates the diving of the Sudan
  • Exploring the giant freshwater springs of South Australia
  • Cavern diving in Spain
  • What's the best 4 x 4 for pulling your RIB
  • Diving the Isle of Skye
  • Charlotte Boan takes the one day introductory course of the Nautical Archaeology Society


990 - volume 4, issue 4

  • Follow the discovery of the type XXI U-boat, U2506
  • Martin Farr describes an almost disastrous cave diving expedition
  • Exclusive photographs of the wreck of the clipper ship 'Smyrna'
  • Christina Campbell upgrades her kit to a rebreather
  • Did you know that Nova Scotia has over 5000 wrecks?
  • The WWI wrecks of the Isle of Wight

SPORT DIVER - April 2003

  • Photographing the annual Sardine Run off South Africa
  • Simon Brown checks out one of the UK's newest inland sites, Vobster Quay
  • Diving the Mediterranean from France
  • The beautiful diving of the Coral Sea
  • Amazing wildlife above and below the waterline in Kenya

DIVE - April 2003

  • Simon Rogerson meets the team who hope they can produce a Time Team for the sea
  • Stunning diving on the west coast of Mull
  • Following the South African Sardine Run
  • Superb diving on the remote dive sites of Papua New Guinea
  • Police divers test wetsuits designed for cold water diving

DIVER - March 2003

  • John Bantin looks at different species of shark and where you are likely to find them
  • Less crowded wrecks of Weymouth
  • Meet the diver who went into space
  • Before you go diving for the summer, a light-hearted guide to the dive guides
  • Diving the amazing wreck of the Zenobia off Cyprus
  • Chris Boardman tries out a wreck diving speciality course on the Thistlegorm

SPORT DIVER - March 2003

  • Amazing diving in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • Less well known sites of the northern Red Sea
  • Simon Volpe explores some of the sunken liners in UK waters
  • Virgin diving territory in the Andaman Islands
  • Diving in unspoilt Croatia

DIVE - March 2003

  • Special feature on the plight of endangered shark species
  • The controversial diving career of Mark Andrews, deep diver
  • Charles Hood dives the exquisite sites of French Polynesia
  • Louise Murray investigates the emergency services and how divers can avoid having to call them out
  • BCD's evaluated
  • Dive the submarines of Weymouth
  • DIVE readers give their opinions of wreck safaris in the Red Sea


SPORT DIVER - February 2003

  • Pack the thermals - Norwegian diving
  • Mark Taylor Hutchinson converts his whole family to diving in the Red Sea
  • Diving in glorious Devon
  • Sport Diver checks out liveaboards in the northern Red Sea
  • Explore the wreck of the HMS Ariadne
  • Would you use a reef hook?
  • Explore an aircraft wreck off Malta

DIVER - February 2003

  • Top tips on staying warm in cold water
  • Dive the caves and canyons of Menorca
  • The fascinating life of Bob Marx and his treasure hunting exploits
  • John Bantin swims with the spectacular manta rays
  • Tour the wreck of the Shuna
  • Exploring the world's top ten diving destinations
  • Leigh Bishop's stunning wreck photos taken at a depth of 70m or more

DIVE - February 2003

  • Simon Rogerson meets record-breaking free diver Loic Leferme
  • Explore the wreck of the submarine Rubis in the Mediterranean
  • 50 of BSAC's greatest moments - and you can vote for your favourite or submit one of your own
  • Charles Hood checks out dry gloves and cylinders
  • Charlotte Boan takes up the challenge of cold water diving
  • EXUL SAC describe their favourite dive at Longships Lighthouse

Immersed - Winter 2002, vol. 7, no. 4

  • Diving in the cold
  • You've planned the dive - so how do you get there with all your gear?
  • Deep wrecks of Truk Lagoon


DIVER - January 2003

  • Chris Boardman takes a look at cavern courses
  • The fascinating finds from 17th. century wreck, The Swan
  • Explore the wreck of the "Kyarra" off Swanage
  • Get the lowdown from the Diver 2003 holiday guide
  • Diving in Palau, Yap and Australia

990 - volume 4, issue 1

  • Searching for the wreck of HMS Limbourne
  • The Bullring - a newly discovered cave system and crater between Majorca and Menorca
  • Steve Truglia, British freediver, describes how he established the first UK No Limits freediving record
  • Diving the wrecks of the North Cornish coast
  • Diving for pearls in Bahrain - and you can keep all you find!
  • Cave diving in the Yucatan Peninsula

SPORT DIVER - November 2002

  • Diving in Bonaire - easy and relaxed
  • Torquay - where you can always find a sheltered site
  • Seeing sharks at Cocos
  • Scott McDonald explores the wreck of the Fairweather V off N. W. Scotland
  • How nature can fight back against pollution and adverse weather
  • Follow liveaboard trips in the Red Sea
  • Wow! - diving in French Polynesia
  • The stunning wall dives of Little Cayman

DIVER - November 2002

  • How well prepared is your instructor? - the HSE begins spot checks on dive schools to help them provide the highest standards
  • John Liddiard dives some of the seldom-dived wrecks of the Isle of Wight
  • The fascinating story of HMS Manchester to be told on TV in November
  • Are you carrying too much weight (when you dive)?
  • Explore the diving of the British Virgin Islands
  • John Bantin samples a liveaboard in the Bahamas

DIVE - November 2002

  • Follow the story of the dramatic race to protect the wrecks of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse
  • The rare 'plane wrecks of the South Pacific
  • Wheeled dive bags put to the test
  • Closer to home - diving in the Sound of Mull
  • DIVE readers give their impressions of the Canary Islands
  • Try Norway for challenging diving

DIVER - October 2002

  • Where do foreign divers dive?
    Gavin Parsons checks out the diving in Wales
  • The beautiful diving of Puerto Galera in the Philippines
  • 20 years on, Bernard Eaton recalls the work that went into the lifting of the Mary Rose
  • Mark Hayford becomes an Advanced Open Water Diver in Greece
  • Fabulous diving in Cayman Brac
  • Tanya Streeter recalls breaking the world free-diving limit

SPORT DIVER - October 2002

  • Magical cave diving in Tonga
    Wonderful wrecks of Newhaven
  • Diving in Curacao
  • Experience a luxurious liveaboard in the Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Dive the Eagle - an artificial reef in the Florida Keys.
  • The fascinating octopus

DIVER - September 2002

  • Weighing up the pros and cons of rebreathers
  • Chris Boardman goes back to school to learn diving with a closed circuit rebreather
  • Diving the fascinating Farne Islands
  • John Bantin dives from Djibouti - the real southern Red Sea
  • Diver puts fins to the test, measuring speeds achieved by a range of divers
  • The amazing Sardine Run off the South African coast

SPORT DIVER - September 2002

  • Join Phil Bullen learning cave diving skills in Florida
  • Diving Rathlin Island
  • Taking a first dive in the beautiful Bahamas
  • Find out how you can contribute to the health of the marine ecosystem
  • Close to home - diving round Anglesey
  • Diving the Cayman Islands

SPORT DIVER - June 2002

  • Diving the wreck of the Kowloon Bridge off the West Cork coast Exploring the Sea of Cortez
  • Swimming with the whalesharks of Ningaloo Reef
  • The wrecks of the Straits of Tiran q Dive Hawaii
  • Rebecca Corbally assesses the resort of El Gouna

DIVE - June 2002

  • Supersharks - bull sharks, tiger sharks and great hammerheads
  • In a new series BSAC branches recommend their favourite UK dive sites
  • Simon Volpe experiences a weekend diving South Devon wrecks
  • Dive readers describe their experiences of Hurghada
  • Chris Willson looks at the prospects for combining a trip to the World Cup with some Japanese diving

SCUBA WORLD - June 2002

  • Diving Croatia - did you know they even had any?
  • The seals of the Farne Islands
  • Join Ken Farrow diving down at 75m
  • Exploring the life of mangrove swamps
  • How the underwater world can help the medical profession

DIVER - May 2002

  • Exclusive survey on what really gets divers hot under the collar
  • Join John Bantin on a Maldives "pirate ship" liveaboard
  • A catalogue of appalling buddies - be careful who you choose
  • Tri-mix diving in Donegal - breathtaking
  • Marvel at manta rays off Mexico


  • The wreck of HMS Exmouth
  • After the winter layoff are you fit to dive?
  • The strange and dangerous underwater world of the hippo
  • 6 Dive readers review their favourite Red Sea liveaboards
  • Charles Hood puts drysuits through their paces - a must for first time purchasers
  • Check that your club RIB is fit for its first outing of the season


  • Diving the wrecks of the Battle of Jutland Astonishing photographs of plankton up close
  • Top Ten - Dive tests ten of the lightest BCDs available
  • Eastbourne - more for divers than you thought


  • Don't just guess - a guide to recognising parts of a wreck underwater
  • John Liddiard tries the diving of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Mid-range regulators tested
  • The history and marine life of Alexandria ¨ Dorothea - useful dive site or death trap?
  • Diving the Moray Firth


  • Diving Sipadan
  • Sample the new resort of Ti Kaye on St. Lucia
  • Forget the theme parks - check out the diving of Southern California
  • Exploring the Tubbutahu Reef Marine Park
  • Tony Woodward examines the pros and cons of feeding marine life


  • Cave diving on the Yucatan Peninsula
  • Join Robert Cooper on the wrecks of Scapa Flow
  • Part 3 of the guide to Diving the Seychelles
  • Diving in Malta ¨
  • Stuart Philpott spends a week in the Red Sea on MV Tiger Lily DIVER - FEBRUARY 2002
  • 14 brave divers tell their true stories - read and learn
  • Diving Anglesey
  • Explore Brazil's diving - coast and caves
  • Diving the beautifully clear seas of Tenerife
  • The story of the Haldanes - their cavalier attitude to their own safety and its huge impact on improving yours


  • BSAC Jubilee Trust - do you have an expedition that would merit a grant?
  • Jason Christopher dives with the mysterious thresher shark
  • Atmospheric photographs of the wrecks of Bermuda
  • 4 dive computers put to the test
  • Wrap up warm - Charlotte Boan researches ice diving
  • Luxury liveaboard - Dive checks out the Sea Serpent in the Red Sea
  • Four Dive readers give their views of diving in Micronesia


  • The wreck of the HMS Drake
  • Diving the Pinnacles of New Zealand
  • What's involved in a trimix diving course
  • Tony White visits dive sites in S.W. Ireland SCUBA WORLD - March 2002
  • Part 1 of the fascinating tale of the steamship "Carnatic"
  • Diving the war wrecks of Truk, Yap and Palau
  • Do you really want to do a night dive?
  • How a closed circuit re-breather works
  • Sea slugs - much more attractive than they sound


  • John Bennett dives to 1000ft. on open-circuit scuba gear
  • What gear do the professionals prefer?
  • Diver's 2002 holiday guide
  • How to pick your liveaboard dive buddy

SCUBA WORLD - January 2002

  • Diving the Sangihe Islands in Indonesia
  • Explore the wreck of the Royal Adelaide - a wreck where more people died on shore than in the sinking!
  • Dive the Shark Rodeo at Walkers Cay and find out more about these fascinating creatures
  • Join Tony & Jenny Enderby on a night dive in New Zealand
  • Who better than Vic Bonfante to guide you round the waters of Torbay?
  • Follow the first part of Peter Tatton's diving trip to Norway

DIVE - December 2001

  • Check out the diving at Scapa Flow
  • Wartime wrecks of the South Pacific - now transformed into amazing dive sites
  • Christmas gift guide
  • Close to home - the Firth of Clyde

DIVER - December 2001

  • John Bantin takes a long hard look at the Florida shark feeding debate
  • If you must dive off the British coast in winter……………
  • The real state of the world's reefs - what the tourist boards won't tell you
  • Stunning prize winning shots from the Image 2001 competition
  • Explore the wreck of the Charybdis

DIVE GIRL - Issue 7

  • Louise Trewavas follows the build up to the new 105m women's free diving record
  • The definitive guide to scuba women in films - move over James Bond
  • Amanda Vincent enlightens you on her favourite subject - seahorses


990 - Vol.3 Issue 3

  • Diving the wreck of the Carpathia
  • Discover the life of Jack Sheppard, British cave diving pioneer
  • The fascinating story of the treasure ship "Egypt" and her salvage
  • HMS Indefatigble at the Battle of Jutland
  • A guide to underwater scooters

SPORT DIVER - November 2001

  • Diving Sulawesi
  • Dive the wreck of the Adolphus Busch Sr, sunk as an artificial reef off the Florida Keys
  • Ian Rodger freedives in the Red Sea, Hawaii and Malaysia
  • One of the first divers tries out a new resort on Falalop Island, Micronesia
  • Malta and Gozo, the Med is not as dead as we've been led to believe
  • Dive Borneo

RODALE’S SCUBA DIVING - January/February

  • A guide to 15 sensible dive knives
  • 12 unique dives in the USA - from missile silo to lead mine
  • Explore the pearl fisheries of Cubagua
  • 6000 divers can’t be wrong - the results of the Annual Top 100 Readers’ Choice Awards
  • A comprehensive guide to drysuits

SKIN DIVER - February-2001

  • Shooting great photos in restricted visibility
  • Safe ways of lifting dive finds
  • Valentine destinations - getaways to combine diving and romance
  • The stunning marine art of Wyland
  • Explore the diving of the Galapagos Islands


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