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Proposed new Marine Conservation Zones for Wales The Welsh Government is proposing up to 10 new Marine Conservation Zones around the coast of Wales. The plans are… Read More

Weymouth restricted access Divers hoping to dive in the Weymouth area during the Olympics will find that all access is severely limited as the… Read More

Scylla Warning Update Diving still not advisableThe National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth report that removing the filament net from the wreck… Read More

Scylla Warning The National Marine Aquarium would like to warn any diver that is thinking of diving at the Scylla reef site. “We… Read More

See Life become Southern dealer for Hugyfot Underwater Camera Housings See Life through The Lens are pleased to announce they have been selected to become a Southern dealer for Hugyfot… Read More

The Sept-TECH-ber Sale ! Its late in the season now, and no doubt you (or some of your buddies) have been developing your skills and… Read More

The Great UK Dive Club Kit Giveaway The Great UK Dive Club Kit GiveawayThe crunching’s getting louder, and the pounds are getting scarcer, and no… Read More

The Junk goes to Hollywood, again! The Junk goes to Hollywood, again! Not content with her role as leading lady alongside James Bond The Junk, the… Read More

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