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posted : August 31, 2005 Post subject: girlfriend trouble...
Not really, more of a diving nervousness problem...
My girlfriend convinced me to take a diving course (advanced open water - whatever that means) and i agreed but i've been nervous ever since.
anyway, I have two important questions that really trouble me and i would definitely appreciate any answer anyone might supply.
the first thing is that im wearing eyeglasses. isn't that a problem? how am i supposed to see underwater? i can't use contact lenses...
the secound issue is that i'm a bit overweight... i can't imagine myself fitting in one of those tight swimsuits. any ideas or reassurances :-) ?
Thanx a lot anyhow!

posted : August 31, 2005 Post subject: girlfriend trouble...
Best thing is not to worry, you wont be doing the advanced open water thingy you'l only be doing the open water diver course, secondly you can get dive masks with prescription worries there, and thirdly don't be worrying about being overweight it's a national pastime with a lot of divers, I suggest you learn with a dry suit it'l be a lot more comfortable for you than trying to squeeze into a wet suit. and lastly it'l be fun, just enjoy yourself.


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