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posted : August 22, 2005 Post subject: Can I change courses?
Hi my name is Debs, I am new 2 the diving world & decided to take a PADI course as I was advised that it was more world recognised than Bsac. However I have just spent my weekend training & ended up bottling out on the second day as I felt the training was to intense & the pressure to keep up with the group to great for me. (I am a slow learner lol!) I loved it but felt i needed to learn an awful lot in two days. I passed the exam & have paid for the open water course too. I dont want to give up I picked a lot of things up well & worked through most of the things to qualify me to open water but gave up when I identified areas i need to work at, eg getting used to fins & descending. The instructors were good & the group small however I feel a longer course would benefit me till i get used to all the equipement & feel safe enough to go to open water, which i dont feel i can do in the near future or with the PADI system if it is this fast & intense. Will my dive experience so far be worth anything if i change to Bsac and is this possible anyway or not. Would love to hear your comments. Debs

posted : September 2, 2005 Post subject: Can I change courses?
Hi Debs,
I don't think changing over to BSAC is necessarily the answer. If you've been through your Open Water course I take it you are now certified ? IF you are worried about some asspects of your diving I would suggest that you speak to your instructor letting him know about your concerns. Then it's a case of getting in the pool and working on the things your worried about until your comfortable. Practice makes perfect !! Either with a pal or the instructor who trained you should be happy to work with you. Hope ths hepls.

posted : September 2, 2005 Post subject: Can I change courses?
Thanks Robsta for your reply, I have now arranged to do a few pool sessions to get used to my fins, decided to buy my own & get used to them before I re do the novice days in the pool on the 17/18th september. If I do pass the things i missed out last time I should be doing the open water a week later. I had trouble with my descending (bit of a lightweight!) when i didnt have the weight belt on. I also had trouble maintaining neutral bouancy & being able to swim underwater, but I guess like you say its practice. Just a shame there is no pool specifically for divers to practice like you could swimming. Thanks again Debs

posted : September 2, 2005 Post subject: Can I change courses?
Hi Debs try a SAA or BSAC club you will be better off trying to finish the Padi course then you can crossover to a SAA/BSAC grade then you can train within the club which is a lot slower as a Padi openwater diver you would be crossed over as a SAA openwater diver BSAC Ocean /Club diver.
Just to let you know my daughter aged 12 is doing her openwater dives fot her PADI openwater.
if you are in the dorset area we have some good clubs.
Good Luck

posted : September 8, 2005 Post subject: Can I change courses?
hi winker88, thanks for that advice. Am actually re-doing my two day course on the 17/18th, have been practicing in the pool with my finning technique & one of the instructors is taking me on monday to practice descending. Feeling more confident now i have my own fins & got my finning technique sorted. Plus the instructor who took me for practice worked more with my pace. I am not looking to far ahead yet just see what happens that weekend & how i get on at open water if i pass it ok.
wish i was in the dorest area, unfortunately am in manchester lol. however not far from the lake district where i intend to move within the year. but will be nice to visit lots of uk dive sites if i manage to get through ok debs

posted : September 28, 2005 Post subject: Can I change courses?
Hi debs most BSAC clubs would be happy to cross you over and continue your training, bsac train at your pace fast or slow and the cost is much less, Paul. BSAC Advanced instructor Farnworth diving club if you are in the north west drop me a line on psdunbykin@hotmail .com

posted : October 18, 2005 Post subject: Can I change courses?
Do Not change padi is a world wide reconised course and gives a basic knolage of diving
BSAC has certain diffrences and I find confusing
any reputable school should allow you go at your own pace.

posted : October 24, 2005 Post subject: Can I change courses?
Hi Pete Just to put the record right BSAC is also world recognised long befor padi entered the seen. But you are right padi give BASIC trainning, where as the bsac is more than just basic I have done BSAC up to advanced instructor and padi up to Dive master But there is nothing confuseing or strange about the BSAC course, as with all walks of life there is good and not so good in each, if you join a good BSAC club or school then the training is seconed to none, I am also a 3 star CMAS instructor. all qualifications done by hard work, lots of study and the help of the best instructors (BSAC) around

posted : October 20, 2006 Post subject: Can I change courses?
hi hun hows u?its naz rememba?

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