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posted : October 8, 2018 Post subject: Dive Master Safet
Hi Guys,\
Need some advice: saved up for a long time and finally went to French Polynesia on holiday.\
During the holiday we went diving 4 times on Bora Bora with a top rated dive company. The first dive, was ok the second a bit dubious with us surfacing with 40 Bar each but the last dive frightened the life out of us surfacing with less than 10 and 20 bar each.\
We are new divers (30 dives) and wonder what we should have done?\
During the dive we signaled DM at 100 Bar, then 80 Bar. While I was at 70 bar my wife noticed she was down to 60 bar. We signaled the DM and expected to be heading toward the exit point only for me to turn and see the DM putting my wife on his Octopus! he was on Nitrox, we were on air.\
The dive then continued for some minutes with him diving under a small overhang nonchalantly pointing out flora and fauna to my wife (who was not in the least bit comfortable by now), until I too also signaled I was now at 50 Bar. We were now at about 12m depth. \
The DM turned the dive a few degrees right, let my wife back on her own primary and then continued. Not gaining much ascent I closed up to my wife and slowly began ascending while still following the DM below. I was at about 35 Bar and my wife at about 40 bar and 9 m when we spotted the downline of the exit Buoy, we headed to meet it at 6m.\
By the time we reached it at 6m I was down to 25 Bar my wife at 35 and we were both a bit nervous.\
By the time we finished our safety stop I was down to 10 bar and my wife at 20 bar. When we surfaced I have no idea what I had left as I was just glad to get up and out.\
I know that this will never happen to us again as I will take firmer charge but I would love to have some comments from you experienced guys about this and what I should have done. \
Many thanks\

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