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posted : June 13, 2016 Post subject: Courses to take?
Hello, I\'ve just registered with this forum so unfortunately newby alert.! I\'m looking st getting my commercial tickets and prefer to get both inshore & offshore certificates.. I live in the north east UK and there\'s 2 different schools that I\'ve seen that can help me. Both in Scotland (TUC & PDA)... Reading and looking up for weeks about both and to be honest I haven\'t a clue which one would be best!? I sway towards one and next thing there\'s someone saying its a con and this n that. Can anyone please provide me with a non biased advise on which one has the better deal? It\'s gonna take all my life\'s savings so ideally I\'d want to pick the best place.? I\'ve been to trial dives with both and all they do is hard sell.. Much appreciate your advise please. F

posted : June 13, 2016 Post subject: Courses to take?
..sorry should have said, I'm looking at doing the premium package at both centres to maximise my employability.? Many thanks..

posted : June 14, 2016 Post subject: Courses to take?
Save your money and go with Commercial Diver Training (CDT) down in cornwall. Tel number 01726 817128 - speak to Tamsin. They provide Pro-Scuba (HSE Pt4) through to Offshore top up.
CDT programme more in water time than TUC / PDA.
Before you I dont work for CDT but I have trained with them.

posted : June 25, 2016 Post subject: Courses to take?
Thanks, I'll ring them. Thanks for your advice.

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