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posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Slightly scared
Okay i've brought all the gear, done my confined dives - but I'm really scared about doing my open water dives, particulaly worried about whether i may get sea sick above and under water.

Any tips on good sea sickness pills? And am I the only one who feels soooo nervous?

posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Slightly scared
We've all been there - it's good to be a little apprehensive, but don't let it ruin the dive for you. You'll quickly see that diving in open water is just as easy as in the pool and there should be more to see than a few dead plaster.

As to seasick pills try to dive without them, but if like me you do find it's too much try Stugeron, but it's importannt to try them before you go diving. Takes some on a normal work day to find out how you react to them. If there's no reaction fine try them on shallow dives, if there is then try something else.

Hope this help, relax and enjoy your diving.


posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Slightly scared
Do not worry.
There is nothing to fear except fear itself, as my instructor once told me!

posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Slightly scared
Dont worry about it, your Instructor will find a nice spot for your first couple of dives. Try to avoid medication, if you do feel sick then fix your eyes on the horizon and get in the water asap as generally the sea sickness will go. Everyone feels nervous on their first dive, whether they admit it or not.

Above all only carry out dives that you are happy with, it is the good diver that says no!

Best of luck and happy diving.

posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Slightly scared
To put your mind at rest...
you may well not actually go anywhere near waves for your first few dives! Depending on where you are doing your training you may go to an inland site! If you do end up in the sea then relax, its not quite that cruel. For your first few dives your instructor should take you to a calm water site where you are unlikely to get motion sick. If you do find yourself out in the open sea then by far the best cure for motion sickness is your behaviour. Make sure you find a stable bit of the boat in the fresh air (usually in the middle) and find something immobile to fix your eyes on. Motion sickness involves yor brain and balance organs getting confused by, well, by motion, so keep looking at the horizon. Also, stay out of the exhaust fumes. As far as medicines are concerned, I've never had to take any so I'm not the best source of advice. What I would say is that sea sickness medication and diving do not always mix well. If you do find some medication make sure you take it on a trial basis well before you go diving, just to make sure it doesn't react badly with you (drowsiness etc). That discovery is best made before you get into the water. If you have no problems on dry land then go ahead and try it for diving, but I would advise against long term use. Like most people I get motion sickness at sea but it has always past because I look at the horizon. As far as under water is concerned, well the motion will almost certainly not be a problem. It's well established that the best place for a sea sick diver to be is in the water! You can vomit into a regulator if you really have to but it's really not something you should be worrying about at this point in your SCUBA career!

Good luck with the open water dives! The end result (being able to dive in open water) will be WELL worth the effort

posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Slightly scared
Good luck with the open water dives! The end result (being able to dive in open water) will be WELL worth the effort.

posted : November 17, 2005 Post subject: Slightly scared
hi how r ya?lol was just looking at the msgs here.What level r u now?

posted : November 19, 2005 Post subject: Slightly scared
stugeron are good- start taking them a few days before the dive - this helps you judge how you react to them and so i am told helps you build up a better tolerance to being sick. Once you are down you will feel fine.If you are sick up top does happen and usually feel better shortly thereafter. Staying put on the boat rarely helps.If you boat dive regularly you do build up a resistance. Have fun.

posted : November 21, 2005 Post subject: Slightly scared
When I learnt yachting we went out in really rough seas - bizarrely ginger nut biscuits were a really good way of reducing the feeling of seasickness - oh and very tasty too.

posted : November 27, 2005 Post subject: Slightly scared
hi hi hi!

im a DM and i know all about people getting sea sick!! its really not fun, but it can be prevented. lookinng at the horizon is pretty fail-safe, as is constantly chatting to take your mind off it!!! I really wouldnt advise sturgeron, i took 1 tablet on a working day and ended up missing 6 dives over 2 days because it knocked me out!!! try constantly chewing on some crystallised ginger or drink some ginger tea. it really does work.

oh! and most of all, like people here have been saying- get in the water asap!!! and mate, no need to be nervous, if you'v got this far you can do it no worries! think how much better it will b out of the pool!! there's *real stuff* to look at, not just your fellow divers! G'luck!!!

posted : December 3, 2005 Post subject: Slightly scared
hi sharon.What level r u at now?

posted : March 10, 2006 Post subject: Slightly scared
Try trebor extra strong mints for sea sickness

posted : June 15, 2006 Post subject: Slightly scared
hi hows u?remember me?its naz the diving doc from london.How have u been?

posted : June 19, 2006 Post subject: Slightly scared
My wife got nervous to the point of near-sickness before each first-dive on each holiday for her first 50 or so dives.

It's okay to be nervous, a bit of nerves help you to make sure you've double or triple checked everything rather than missing anything.

If you do find yourself on a boat, keep looking at the horizon and that is the best way to avoid getting sea sick. Once you're underwater you probably won't even think about it again.

Nerves are natural, accept them as you're body's way of telling you you're doing something exciting and different and you'll be fine.

Good luck and enjoy it!

posted : October 20, 2006 Post subject: Slightly scared
hi there how r u?hows the diving going?dry site,isn't it?like noone replies to messages!

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