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posted : May 16, 2016 Post subject: Advice please.
Im currently serving in the Army and have done so since 2008. I am looking at a career change and seriously considering a career as a commercial diver. I plan to save over the next three years to get the funds and do some other courses that might be beneficial. Then go on to get the quals. Does anyone have any advice that they can give about anything that may be usefull for me to know or suggest courses. I was thinking of doing various welding courses and rigging courses. Would this help? Many thanks.

posted : May 17, 2016 Post subject: Advice please.
drop me an email on

posted : May 21, 2016 Post subject: Advice please.
Well, the industry is in the shitter just now, mainly due to the low oil prices which has a knock on effect from offshore to inshore etc. fairly normal for a supply and demand industry, really, and the schools have been pumping out way more 'divers' than we need.

But the positive is that by 3 years time, there will most likely be a better outlook, and even if it's not a Boom, at least the market will have rectified itself- so....

Depending on where you are just now, you might be able to get the bulk of training paid for by the queen, bless 'er. The Royal Engineers, I believe, have a diving course which is an HSE equivalent to an inshore diver ticket, so you would only need a top-up course for the full HSE ticket. Apart from that, you can use your resettlement money for anHSE Diving course (check out the Underwater Centre in Fort William or the PDA in Dunoon for more details).

As for extra tickets, a full HSE Part 1 (Called a Surface Supplied Top-up, which is Airdiving Offshore down to 50m) is ideal, the only further course you can get diving-wise is a Sat ticket, which you have to work up to.
After that, a Medical and a First Aid course will get you work inshore/civil engineering.
The next most useful course if you get work inshore or offshore is an IMCA DMT course. This is basically an advanced first aid course with additional diving info, training on intubation, and some emergency invasive procedures.
When you have those, it's time to start looking at inspection tickets. Nowadays, there is so much inspection work to be done offshore (and increasingly inshore too) that on many jobs, the HR secretary, instead of sifting through thousands of CV.s for a dive team to get the right fit, will simply pick guys who have all the tickets, ie. DMT, CSWIP 3.1u, and 3.2u just in case....beware that these courses are really expensive, and only run for 5 years before being renewed, so if you don't fancy inspection straight away, then delay getting an expensive course that won't pay you back immediately.
(This is also true of your offshore survival, although it isn't so expensive, but only runs for 2 years. You can get a course fairly easily in about 5 places in Aberdeen alone, but you'll need it to work offshore anywhere)

Other courses that would come in handy is OPITO slinger/banksman, or a Rigging course which would help on any building site, or offshore as well..
Windfarm work has its own set of cert's required- confined space, rescue at height boat transfer etc. I know very little about that industry, so I won't go into that..
Wet welding isn't particularly useful unless you really want to be a welder. There isn't much work about, and there's plenty of good welders for those jobs that are around...if you have an interest in welding topside, then it's always handy to have someone on a construction site that can stick two bits of metal together, but any 'proper' welds will need a coded welder, and there's plenty of them, too...

The current situation is probably as bad as it has ever been for the Diving industry, and hundreds, if not thousands of Divers are being forced out of work. Like I said, in a few years time, the industry will spring back, but remember there will always be Boom and Bust cycles...job security and career longevity lie somewhere else entirely....

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