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Emz Fish
posted : February 26, 2016 Post subject: Ex army looking for diving job
Hi! I\'m a female Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver with 43 dives under my belt. I am ex army and looking to start a diving career in any field. I am willing to start at the bottom. I am based in Crieff, Scotland, though I am willing to travel and stay else where.

posted : March 25, 2016 Post subject: Ex army looking for diving job
I'm guessing you will have realised that commercial diving is well and truly in the shitter just now.
Offshore Diving has fallen off a big cliff- where there was around 18 DSV's working in the North Sea 2 years ago (and around 30-40 divers on each vessel on average) now there are around 7 with work, and only a couple with full time work as opposed to the odd job here and there. So those guys have to go somewhere. Many are destined to hang up their fins, more have to take cheap work overseas if they can get it, or 'muscle in' to inshore, or Windfarm work, pushing many of the newer less experienced divers off the ladder...
Of course, there is plenty of inshore 'civils' work that doesn't really get affected by the oil price, but there's a lot of very qualified and experienced guys looking at this work, that wouldn't have been competition a few months ago...and, well supply and demand dictates that the more good divers looking for work, the less companies have to pay to get them, and for a new diver, the rates are often that much lower...
..but of course, there will always be a job somewhere, if you are willing to look for it. Commercially, though, my scuba tickets and experience means almost nothing. As a minimum inshore in the UK, there's requirement for an HSE Surface Supplied ticket, first aid at work and a medical. Windfarms require loads more tickets (more than offshore Air diving!) HSE SS top up, offshore survival, DMT, Inspection, Working at height, rope access, rope rescue, rigging, slinger/banksman......a LOT of money in a massively depleted industry...

Of course, you could check out Clamming or Razors. There used to be a loophole that allowed some PADI or BSAC cert's to be used if you get an HSE medical. At least you might make some cash without spending too much and give you some time to think about how to go about stuff, but clamming is fishing, not catching, and there's never any guarantee of money their either!

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