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posted : August 3, 2005 Post subject: qualifications
anybody else worried about divers diving in uk having qualified abroad
I recently completed my advanced diver during which i completed my wrecj and deep dive on the boat were loads of dive masters i felt alttle overawed during the dive 6 surfaced from 35 metres without a safety stop one floadted up feet first hadnt tried his new dry suit out in the pool first yet another tangled himself in a smb line and floated up my instructor , partner and i were first in and last up by instructor was not very happy with the standard of diving and even more unhappy when the other instuctors started smoking between dives i believe this is not recommended with the number of divers turning up dead 6 in the last two months should`t PADI enforce some kind of regulation or is it just a case of pay yer money heres your qualification

posted : August 4, 2005 Post subject: qualifications
I recently qualified in Corfu having done my open water diver, I think the course was a little rushed, but you have limited time on holiday. I didn't do PADI but SSI. There are differences in the course work etc but I havn't dived in the uk yet and intend to join a club first. I think you dived with a lax group or was somehow unlucky to pull the idiot boat. I hope were not all like that and have a modicom of sensibility about diving.

posted : August 7, 2005 Post subject: qualifications
My Daughter qualified in Malta to O/water diver but on the return to the uk I crossed her over to BSAC o/diver she is now working towards sports diver equivelent to rescue diver Padi (but with out the cost) next year she will betraining to dive leader equivelent to dive master (again with out the cost) all with the support of our club, divers from Padi and others are allways wellcome to cross over and continue to train to the next level with full club surport, we look after all our members.

posted : August 11, 2005 Post subject: qualifications
Hi, I did my open water then advance open water in december in the Dominican. I have to say i think you got a bad school as i couldn't find any faults with the school i went with. They spent time on any area me and my wife were unsure of.(The wife is very unsure of diving) But she managed with time and confidence building to pass her open water and now feels alot more confident. I think that Padi have the right attitude in that lets get people in the water having fun while also learning in a relaxed atmosphere. Thats why i chose Padi over BSAC course as i found on enquiring about the two that Bsca was alot more daunting. This is just my opinion and no doubt people will feel completly different about it. Kind regards Steve

posted : August 11, 2005 Post subject: qualifications
Hi tack you must have enquired at with the wrong pleaple about BSAC the training is far from daunting i am the DO and senior instructor (Advance instructor) and all my trainees compliment my club for the friendly attitude and first class methods of trainning, we are allways happy to help some one by going the extra mile, my daughter was trained by padi to open water but fellt that the BSAC couse was much better befor you can make a fair comment on any training agency you must have exp of each (I am also trained uptp PADI Dive master) BSAC is still the govening body for sub aqua in the UK and in my opinion still the best .

posted : August 12, 2005 Post subject: qualifications
Hi Paul, I wasn't trying to say that one way was better than the other . If i came across as saying that I apologise, It wasn't intended to offend anybody, It was my feeling at the time on which coarse to choose, Kind regards Steve

posted : August 12, 2005 Post subject: qualifications
Hi ste thats ok as an instructor I hear arguments from all sides and I tell them all you can't judge if you have no exp (a past club I was in BSAC where very upset that I decided to do the padi Dive master course) they where promtley told it wasup to me and not them I wanted to get abalanced veiw of other agences, and my veiw is that there is good and bad in all inc BSAC,PADI,SAA and others. But I am Happy that my own club (once amonge the Bad eggs) is now a safe careing and happy club to be in, if you are ever in the north west drop me a line and maybe join us on a dive (see how the other side can be) best regards Paul, Dive with a smile

posted : August 12, 2005 Post subject: qualifications
OOPs forgot to put my email address,,

posted : August 17, 2005 Post subject: qualifications
I did my scuba (first 2 dives to open water) on paddi in Cyrpus, I thought not only the training was very good, the organisation I used had a small chain on the Island, A very good selection of kit for sale, with smaller water side sites for tank fills ect with English Dive Masters and alike training, they where very safety aware, inface I even got in ALOT of trouble for raising my mask onto my forehead, After passing my Scuba course and with only my review to do in the UK to get OW, before i retured to the UK I decided to do a boat dive, the boat was great, fruit, water included, great organisation, I wasnt forgot by the skipper even! and it wasa great dive. Had also a few problems whilst qualifying with mask removal skill, I freaked and as some sort of reaction I was unable to breath! like a very strong reaction to stop water entering my mouth/nose. We did get it under control, I didnt bolt for the surface and I think this was down to the great calming, confident Dive Master I had, the whole team where great! Now over my Mask Clearing/unable ot breath issue now and I rekon they saved my diving as I was ready to throw in my fins and quit! So I wouldnt say all abroad is bad, but with everything, anythere, there are the good and bad. go by word of mouth if you can, to a trydive maybe, if you want to rush your OW, and they let you with less than 100% confidence then its your life.... they are only responsible for ensuring you perform on the days with them.Now in the UK, found a great local School, all main elements are very well organised and now diving the UK! love it!

posted : September 11, 2005 Post subject: qualifications
I am one of those divers that qualified abroad to advanced open water level and "no we don't just pay our money and get our qualification". I paid a lot of money, bought, read and studied the relevant books, sat all of my tests both practical and theory and consequently dive safely adhereing to everything i was taught. I am considering diving in the uk later this year and have asked on this board for advice as i realise diving in the UK will be a lot differnt to diving here in the Canaries. Please don't judge everyone abilities and doubt what we had to do to qualify becuase of a bad experience. In all fairness i learned to dive in the ocean and not a swimming pool like many people in the uk so was more aware of my diving environment from the very beginning.

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