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posted : August 1, 2005 Post subject: Entry from platform/jetty
Diving on sunday I was hit from above by severall diver with an instructor entering the water without first checking for divers below, When I started my trainning I was told that you must check all is clear befor entry and when the first diver/instructor was in the water they firt look below befor letting others enter, I wacthed later in the day and was alarmed that this practis of not looking below was used by manny includind trainee nitrox divers , I am a BSAC Adv instructor and I always instruct my students to look first and first one in then checks befor letting next/other diver to enter if this practice of not looking first continues then some one is going to get hurt.

posted : August 20, 2005 Post subject: Entry from platform/jetty
It is very good to see so many diver have looked at the above I just hope they have taken notice and look befor they leap (LOL) ps sorry for spelling mistakes in the above but I was very angery when I posted it Paul best rgards and dive with a smile ps please leve coments about any exp you may have encountered like the above

posted : August 25, 2005 Post subject: Entry from platform/jetty
I don't blame you for being angry. Myself I am a PADI advanced diver and that was the one thing drummed into me. I have experience in diving in both the middle east and Indonesia and touch wood, this practice of looking before you leap, James Bond stylee or feet first has always been followed. Personally I have no respect for divers that dont appreciate certain, simple rules of diving.

Well done for bringing this up!

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