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posted : July 28, 2005 Post subject: Dive Computer for Beginner

I am quite a beginner to diving. Me and Hubby did ourOpen water qualification last summer and we're planning a diving trip to Thailand this September.

I would like to start purchasing some basic equipment and was going to buy my hubby a dive computer for his birthday but don't really know where to start !

Any recommendations for a dive computer suitable for a relative beginner ?


posted : August 2, 2005 Post subject: Dive Computer for Beginner
Hi, I am a relative beginner and recently bought a Suunto Mosquito. I saw some comments on other forums that seemed to say good things about it. One of the good points is that it is looks like and is the size of a large watch so you can save on taking 2 watches when travelling. It seems to do everything I want. Shop around as prices can differ quite a bit.

posted : September 6, 2005 Post subject: Dive Computer for Beginner
A lot comes down to cost but I agree that Suunto do offer a good watch. I have a stinger but they are not cheap and not necessarily needed for a novice diver. One reason I would suggest a cheaper and larger model for someone starting out is that these models have larger faces which making viewing easier leading to more control etc. Vytec and Gekko are both good models and around half the price of the Stinger.

good luck.

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