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posted : July 20, 2005 Post subject: Advice -Dry suit training?
Hi, I have been travelling for a while and diving in wet suits the whole time. I completed my rescue diver and enjoyed many dives. But now I am home, I will be diving in a dry suit, is it advisable to do a specific dry suit course, as i have never dived in one before, before diving here.


posted : July 23, 2005 Post subject: Advice -Dry suit training?
Hi roy yes it is advisable to do some drysuit training, I am an advanced bsac instructor with fsac all our trainees are given training in the proper use of drysuits before thair first dive if possible later if starting off with wetsuit, you don't say where you are from? we are in the Bolton GrtManchester area if thats of help to you if you would like any more info you can contact me by mail at

posted : July 26, 2005 Post subject: Advice -Dry suit training?

If you are a PADI diver I am pretty certain that there is a PADI dry suit diver specialism - offered by most dive centres.

If you are a BSAC diver i'd imagine that they have some sort of similar course.

Either way, diving in a dry suit is very different from diving in a wet / semi-dry so i'd definitly recommend a course so you can get use to its peculiarities in a safe environment.

posted : August 20, 2005 Post subject: Advice -Dry suit training?
All I did on my sysuit training was to learn a bit about the history of Drysuits and the key skill of how to not end up doing a foot first Assent (not good) This was dont by inflating my suit whilst feet up holding onto a loaded weigh belt and learned to flip over to make the dump above your feet to let the air out. It is key t olearn this as the deeper you go, the more air you add, this obviously expands is you assent making you more poss is you dont dump it, and it you are level, and then get in situation where your feet are slightly above the rest, you fill your boots! if you assent a little like this,you become even more poss as it expands on your way up, and you will in alot of trouble......

I did drysui quite early on, did it with my OW, and its not hard, but is a must i rekon.

posted : August 25, 2005 Post subject: Advice -Dry suit training?
I'm in the same position.....learnt to dive abroad in warm waters, Im a spoilt diver and as much as I want to Im quite nervous about divin in the UK....I know I have to take the first step which is to do a dry suit course but Im a student and would really appreciate any advice to get me kick started. I live in Canterbury...

posted : August 26, 2005 Post subject: Advice -Dry suit training?
I am new to diving, and VERY new to UK diving, and was, well very worried about freezing in our waters! so I rushed and got me a drysuit. Didnt spent alot on my Typhoon suit, but spent more on my Oceanic Undersuit (this is what keeps u nice and warm) bought some gloves and a good Oceanic Hood and jumped into Stoney Cove!

Before I went in I was very worried about the cold, but trust me, its very nice. and didnt need the gloves. they got in the way! guess all this new stuff is a learning curve.

Get a good, well fitting hood, undersuit and a drysuit to fit your budget (mine was 300, not bad to start) and you will be fine. I didnt think I was cold once, and in Cyprus in my 5mm short'e I remember on a decent getting a chill, but nothing with my Drysuit! great stuff.

Also when i was there, people wore a full 5mm wetsuit with another 5mm sort'e over top. they seemed happy also....

Way I look at it is if you can dive in the Artic............. well UK is nothing is it?

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