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posted : July 4, 2005 Post subject: Buddy
Hi all,

I am a recently qualified PADI OW diver looking to gain some more experience....with one prob - I don't have a buddy! I am based in London and am open as to where I dive :-)

If anyone can help it would be appreciated!!!


posted : July 4, 2005 Post subject: Buddy
Try our buddy board

posted : November 17, 2005 Post subject: Buddy
hi there im also new.uh how many dives have u done to date?

posted : November 23, 2005 Post subject: Buddy
u around vicky?

posted : November 26, 2005 Post subject: Buddy
Hi dagon - sorry I've only just replied! I've been on holiday :-)
Just completed my AOW!
When it warms up a bit (haven't done my dry suit course yet!) maybe we could dive??

posted : November 28, 2005 Post subject: Buddy
hi there would be kewl lol u wanna dive here in the UK?you could email me at


posted : December 3, 2005 Post subject: Buddy
lol hi vickie.Have u heard of the london diving chamber?when ya next online?do u have msn messenger?my id is

posted : December 14, 2005 Post subject: Buddy
lol guess uve gone abroad again

posted : December 18, 2005 Post subject: Buddy
if you want to dive in the Plymouth / South West areas send me an e-mail me and my brother are always diving around here, the old plymouth pier bombed in WW2, Thurlestone on an old steam wreck, Eastern Kings, Bovisand Bay, Scylla, James eagan lane.

posted : January 2, 2006 Post subject: Buddy
hi iv just qoaled as sports diver and want to dive as much as pos drop me aline

Nik Western
posted : January 3, 2006 Post subject: Buddy
try and or register with it may be of help to you in the future.

posted : January 8, 2006 Post subject: Buddy
Well all dive chambers are all NHS, so if you need one they simply wisk you off to the closest one! But for numbers 999 is all you need isnt it? DIVE mag has a few numbers of people who serve the UK but it really is a choice made by the emergency services I think.... unless yo uhave a chamber you really fancy a visit to!

posted : February 21, 2006 Post subject: Buddy
hi vickie whats up?how have you been?

posted : June 15, 2006 Post subject: Buddy
hi hows u?remember me?its naz the diving doc from london.How have u been?

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