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Big Dave
posted : June 15, 2005 Post subject: Advice Please
I am currently doing the PASI Open water course but am having real problems with mask clearing. Whether it is with a partial flood or full flood I always end up with some water in my nose which prevents me from blowing well through the nose. Can anyone give me some advice on what works well and how to potentially prevent this happening?

posted : June 21, 2005 Post subject: Advice Please
i hope this is some help even though you have probably completed course.
Dont be hard on yourself as loads of people have this problem.(i do) you will soon get it down to a fine art.
practice with a snorkle to get used to breathing without your mask.
there is also no reason why you can not hold your nose when removing your mask. you then with one hand replace the mask stil holding your nose then breath out and then put the mask over your nose and hold your nose through your mask. to clear only let go of your nose when breathing out. then hold your nose agin if your mask is still partailly flooded and repeat until you clear your mask.
holding your nose does not make a worse a diver than those who do not so dont worry. luckily i had alot of time and an amazing patient instructor who helped me. i hope you have not given up and have managed to get through it okay. you will soon be wondering what you worried about.

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