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posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Drysuit! How do i use!
I have an odd question!

: How do I use my drysuit! I did all my training with cuff dump suits and have no problems using them. But I recently bought an auto dump one. And thats where my problem starts.

: No-one i know uses them, and I just don't seem to be using it right. Easiest answer is take it out and fit a cuff dump. But I want to give this thing a chance.

: Can someone explain these things, as It seems like a lot of effort for what was once simple!

: I have dived twice using it, and I just never know where to have the dial set ;-) (Honest I'm not stupid! Just a bit confused!!!)

: Cheers!

: D.

posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Drysuit! How do i use!
Undo the auto dump all the way then turn it in a couple of clicks. In this position it will dump most of the air in your suit as you surface, if you want more out raise the dump by rolling so it is uppermost. If you find that you need more air in your suit for buoyancy then turn it in a few more clicks - but not so far that it doesn't dump enough as this can cause a runaway accent. I use mine at 2 clicks in from all the way out but I use my wings for most of my buoyancy.

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