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posted : June 7, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
Can anyone actually tell me what has happened to the Longstreath Site ??? I know everyone will answer what they think has happened, I'm not interested in gossip. All I want to know is if anybody actually knows what has happened to it and if it is likely to get back up and running. If not does anybody have a similar site which they use for jobs and exchange of information ?? HELP !!

fish head
posted : June 11, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
Not sure what has happened its really annoying but you could try dive

posted : June 12, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
wrote an email to Mark over a week ago and have had no response.

posted : June 12, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
Maybe its the turn of a diving schools lawyers, to shut the site down for telling the truth !

posted : June 18, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
Surely somebody has had some news by now. Most commercial divers use Longstreath as their way of staying in touch with the world of diving and without it we are stuck. I have even got emails for me on longstreath and can't collect them. I have made contacts with people I haven't heard of for years and the site is of great importance to me as Im sure it is to most of us.

posted : June 19, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
I emailed Michael Cox and he said that Mark was in Vietnam and only he could sort out the server so it seems that the sight will open again when he gets back if thats any help.

posted : July 8, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
He e-mailed me- said he'd get it up n running in a day or two. yay!

posted : July 9, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
Heard that both servers went down, none of the other moderators had the access codes.

Amazing the entire world waiting for Mark to get off the barge.

When its back up and running, a brilliant site, a must read for sporty divers thinking about "investing" in a 1000 a day career.....

Mark Longstreath
posted : July 12, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
It will be back up within the next few days. Had a major problem with the server so have had to change the hosting company. This is a real pain in the proverbial, however it will be fixed, and there will be a new board.

posted : July 13, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
Thanks for the good news Mark. Your web site provides a vital link for me, my mates and work, glad to hear the problem is only temporary.

posted : July 13, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
Longstreath is back !!!!!!!!!!!

posted : August 13, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
Einfach fantastisch!


posted : August 25, 2005 Post subject: LONGSTREATH
Define 1000 a day????????????

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