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Fine Wine
posted : February 10, 2014 Post subject: Dive buddies
There seem to be several people looking for dive buddies and saying I have all my own kit and have 20 -30 dives and are AOW.
Where is the experience and who would risk diving with someone like this unless you were prepared to instruct and were capable of doing this!
Surely these people need to join a club and or dive with competent divers.
I have been diving for about 15 months and have 68 dives logged but would not be comfortable with some of these people!
What do some of you think?

posted : March 4, 2014 Post subject: Dive buddies
I agree but if you have all your own gear ect and want to do more diving you have to start somewhere

Fine Wine
posted : March 11, 2014 Post subject: Dive buddies
Surely that somewhere is at a club with qualified guys to help and who are aware of your capabilities and not with guys that don't know you or really what level you are at?

Mark C
posted : February 19, 2015 Post subject: Dive buddies
Finewine, in an ideal world that would be correct, but!
I am they, 30 dives, AOW, PADI, all my own kit. Without going BSAC it is difficult to find a club to dive with. It has taken over a year but I now have folks local to dive with this coming year, found from this site and face book, most more experienced than me.
I have also found that “so called” experience means nothing, last summer diving in Corfu, on one trip out my "buddy", over 100 dives he tells the DM, has his own kit. Dive brief on a wreck, “stay at the top of the mast 28M, don’t go below me” says the DM, the deck is 38M. My buddy is on the deck looking in the wheel house, on his own of course, the DM was my buddy from then on, she thought he was an idiot, but also a paying customer. And there you have it “paying customer” DMs and instructors spent a lot of money to get there and are not going to give it away for nothing, so I am relying on someone’s good nature to dive with the newy, plus there is a lot of conflicting “good” advice from well meaning “experts”.
For myself I stay very much in the “shallow” end, and am not afraid to say no. Starting rescue next month and deep on summer hols in Corfu, it can be expensive taking courses to get dives, but that is the PADI way, and according to PADI, 2 new OW divers can go out and do their 5th dive on their own!!

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