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posted : December 22, 2013 Post subject: Forthelemnt 7mm mittens versus Waterproof G1
Hi all. I'm actually an open water swimmer, rather than a diver.

Can anyone tell me whether the Fourthelement 7mm mittens compare well to the Waterproof G1 7mm mittens? I've had the Waterproof mittens recommended to me, but I probably won't be able to get them before my next swim. However, I can buy Fourthelement mittens as they sell them in the shop in Stoney Cove. I've tried the 4thelement ones on, and they are a tight but comfortable fit. If I buy the Waterproof ones online, they might not fit and need to be exchanged.

The fourth element gloves also don't have a zip, which might help when I'm swimming as there is less to catch/rub.

Are the Waterproof G1 gloves much better than the Fourthelement ones? If so, could someone please tell me how. Or should I just go with the path of least resistance?

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