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posted : June 4, 2005 Post subject: Breathing
Hi, i'm new to diving, I passed my open water in Feb and have been to Stoney Cove and Sharm since qualifying.

I am a good 6"4 and doing other sports has left me with huge lungs, which is great for most things but with diving I tend to use more air.

I am therefore interested in learning breathing techniques to help with this, a friend recomended instead of breathing out singing\humming as this slows down the rate you expel air and so prolongs the breathing interval. Tried it last night at our local pool its 6m and 110bar of air lasted 65 minutes, which seems I think is an improvemt but its hard to judge as the course used alot of air anyway, and the open water stuff I have done has been at about 15-18m so its hard to compare.

Any suggestions would be great, I'm going to keep going back to pool to practise bouyancy etc and would love to try other techniques to see if any other are more suitable for me.

Thanks for your help.

posted : June 29, 2005 Post subject: Breathing
There are lots of ways of reducing your air consumption...first thing yo'ur new to diving so when you get used to the techniques you learned in training you will naturally use less air,
If you are cold during the dive you use more air (try a dry suit with a warm undersuit and use just enough air in it to reduce squeeze),
Better bouyancy control is a must, try reducing the weight you carry to use less air to compensate (all newcomers tend to be heavy to begin with),
Get yourself fit this naturaly reduces your air intake,
Relax be concious of your breathing rate underwater, and the big one
What diving system are you running ?.....Single cylinder with pony ? try a twin set, lots of guys are twinning up; i started with 10s but went to 12s therefore i have two completely independant systems this i found was a big big air saving yes you are carrying lots of air around but this lets you relax knowing you have a large air reserve thus reducing your consumption ! trust me

posted : August 25, 2005 Post subject: Breathing
I had the same problem when I first started diving, however I am female 5'6. Once I learnt to relax during my dive, and not necessarily get really excited every time I saw a shark or large fish things improved. Also the regulators I used had a guage on them in which you get change the amount of air your breath in, changing this to minimum rather than maximum made a big difference as did changing the amount of weight I wore. In general the more experience I had whislt diving the better I became. Last 60 minutes per dive with everyone else was an achievement....I also kept a record in my log book to keep an eye on whether i was improving or not.

Good luck!

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