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posted : November 3, 2013 Post subject: Apollo Dive Centre - Corfu
Apollo – Corfu Dive Centre
I went to Corfu on holiday in June this year looking for sun, sea, sand and adventure!!And I certainly got all of that..
Before this trip, I had never been scuba diving but it was always something I had been desperate to do. I had seen pictures of a lot of my friends and people I went to school with scuba diving and it always filled me with envy but inspired me too. Of course I won’t lie, I was a little scared..
So a few days into our holiday myself and my friend that I went with set out on our quad bikes to find a scuba diving centre. We were staying in Ipsos and we didn’t have to travel far to find somewhere... Just up the road in Barbati we saw signs that led us on to Nissaki Beach and this is where I discovered the Apollo Diving Centre run by Chris and Maria.
My first impression was.. ‘WOW’. I had never seen such a beautiful beach, such clear blue sea.. The dive centre is located right next to the beach so I approached Chris and enquired about how I would go about getting on a dive. He was so friendly and warm from the off-set and clearly had a great passion for scuba diving. He asked how much experience I had, to which I explained ‘none’. He was very reassuring and explained what would be involved in my first dive and made me feel very comfortable. He was extremely informative and didn’t miss a single detail. So I asked if I could come back the next day and he said ‘yes of course, we start at 11am!’. Maria who would be leading the dive, took myself and another girl down to the water. She took us through what we would be doing step by step and we tested our mouth pieces and breathing whilst in the shallow water to make sure we felt comfortable with how to do it. Then we began...
Because it was my first dive we went down to 6m but I’d never seen anything so beautiful as all the sea life, plants and rock formations in my life. Maria swam between us ensuring we were all together at all times and was constantly checking that we were okay. If she saw something interesting she would point it out and she picked up sea urchins for us to hold and look at. I can honestly say it was the most breath taking experience I’ve ever had. The fact that Maria was so kind and caring, so reassuring really helped, after all, it is nerve racking, but she made me feel 100% safe. Of course after that I had to go back for more. I spoke to Chris once we were back at the dive centre and he offered to take me out on the speed boat to dive a bit deeper the next day.. I jumped on the opportunity.
The next day I came back, again Chris, the girl that we dived with the day before and myself sat talking about what we would be doing and listening to Chris’s favourite bands... Led Zeppelin and of course AC/DC, he definitely has good taste in music! . So we got the kit ready and took it over to the boat which was harboured just the other side of the beach. Chris explained that we would be getting the kit on in the water this time and explained the process very clearly and thoroughly. Then we headed out along the coast of the beautiful island with Chris giving us a guided tour of some famous movie spots and some of his favourite diving spots. Chris and Maria began to pass us our kit piece by piece and again, talked us through the entire time. Chris then helped us to tidy ours up. Maria finished by passing us our weight belts and then got in herself. Chris went over what we would be doing once more and then we got started.. Unfortunately the first time I tried to descend I could not equalise so had to come up. Chris came with and explained it would be dangerous for me to dive if I couldn’t equalise but gave me the opportunity to try it once more. Again I struggled with my ears so unfortunately I had to sit out of the dive and look after the boat! Of course I was gutted... So 40 minutes later they emerged and I thought that was it and we would just head back. But Chris gave me yet another opportunity to do an individual dive with Maria but not quite as deep as the rest of the group had gone. I was over the moon. So I got back in to the water and Maria took me down to some beautiful reefs where I saw thousands of fish and an amazing variety of sea life. After the dive we got back on the boat and headed back to the dive centre.
There were a lot of things that really made these experiences very special for me... Chris and Maria have such a passion for scuba diving and it’s infectious. They are so knowledgeable that I had no doubts that I would be completely safe under their guidance and supervision. They were so warm and friendly we instantly formed a friendship and Chris invited me to do a diving internship which I will be starting in April 2014.
Overall this was the best thing I have ever done and I can not wait to a new and exciting adventure! If you’re looking for a diving experience whether you’re a beginner like me or more advanced I highly recommend Apollo and I guarantee it will surpass every expectation you could have. For more information check out the website but do not miss out!!

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