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posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: New to diving and not sure where to start!!!
I've just completed my open water course and am really keen to continue by joining a club.
: Thing is... i'm not sure where to go from here.
: I live in Potters Bar in Herts (no diving round here!!) and would be able to travel to somewhere suitable.
: I also want to start getting my own gear, but there is just so much choice!!

posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: New to diving and not sure where to start!!!
I a little less new than you but having the same thoughts so...

: Decide what kind of diving you'd like to do, I suggest stying with recreational for a bit.

: Join a local club
: , trust me they're everywhere, have a look at your local swimming pool notice board.

: I personally find PADI a bit pushy about doing courses so I shall be joining my local BSAC for two reasons.
: 1 it takes a heck of a lot longer than a week to be a confident and competent diver.
: Remember it's not just your life but your buddies.

: 2 I like to set my oven pace, I renowned for persistance not speed !

: Your kit will be determined by were and when you dive, cold = drysuits, hi quality regs etc

: warm = less complex kit, wet suits as an example.
: next, if you go PADI you can rent your kit but every time you rent it's reducing you budget for kit.

: BSAC will expect you to have all of your gear (it's a club whereas PADI is a business).

: What did you have in mind as a budget for all of your kit ?

posted : January 9, 2005 Post subject: New to diving and not sure where to start!!!
The best of advice is to join a club where the PEOPLE not the ASSOCIATION whether it is PADI, BSAC, SAA or NAUI it REALLY doesn't matter.
(Im sorry but i get really fed up the supposed one better than another attitude to organisations.)

You want to dive, we all want to dive so the most important thing is to find an active dive and social club local you. where you can make new friends, try equipment borrow from other certified divers and make your own choices about where and when you dive. you may decide that uk diving isn't really for you, so fine. find a club that does alot of foreign trip at good prices.

Kit choice, beg borrow or hire until you find what sort of bcd suits your style and requirements. The same with regs, ease of breathing etc.. once you have an idea of the diving you are interested in and where in the future its going to take you , then i reckon buy some gear, i know renting can be expensive, but if you get in with a good club then they should offer you a club discount, plus you might find that other members will let you borrow their gear

im not sure what training agency did your training but i would say always make the first few dives with a buddy who has alot more experience than you, this is not to say that you need to be 'looked after' in a nanny'ing way, but i think it helps with refreshing whats just been taught and teaching you other pointers.. plus it makes 'you feel more comfortable, which in turn makes it a lot more fun . . . and if they have dived there before, well hey you should get to see the sites, rather than missing the big pike!

Hope this helps.

posted : January 10, 2005 Post subject: New to diving and not sure where to start!!!
I am in a smilar situation too, passed my open water just before xmas... I bought my own fins, mask, snorkle and boots... i think i spent about 100 something quid. I did some research on the net, has some great reviews of all sorts of kit, plus check out the manufactures websites, and of course, try and buy from a dive store so you can try everything on!

Hope this helps, regarding the club thing... i'd go with a friendly one hehe

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