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posted : October 24, 2013 Post subject: Dive Medic Training/Jobs/Advice?
Hello all,

Anybody out there working as a dive medic? I'm just looking looking at this as a possible career path and I'd like some info on the job itself, the training required (and any training/cost/industry entry requirements), the pay rates and the availability of work.

I'm an RGN, I have worked as an offshore medic for the last 5 years and have and A+E background.

I currently have no diving experience? Is this a requirement? If so what level would I be required to train to?

Any dive medics out there able to help?

Thanks and regards

posted : October 24, 2013 Post subject: Dive Medic Training/Jobs/Advice?
I'm a diver Medic (IMCA approved Diver Medical Technician or DMT), if you are UK based, ie. not from the USA, then a DMT on any dive vessel or job is a diver who basically has advanced first aid training- for example, I'm a saturation diver, and when I am in the Sat system, I would be expected to perform a variety of medical procedures on another Diver, under the direction of the ship's Medic (who is normally directed by a shore-based hyperbaric doctor). This would be normal first aid, but with intubation, cannula's, catheters, chest drains, and drug administrattion amongst others which aren't covered in general first aid courses. There is a legal requirement to have at least one DMT per team in Saturation in the North sea, there are requirements for DMT's on air jobs too, and overseas, eg. The middle or far east, then the DMT may be on board in place of a ship or barge medic, performing more general duties in addition to diving.
In the USA, a diver Medic is closer to a paramedic, and many divers opt for some extra tuition that allows them to moonlight as Paramedics when work is slow, but on diving jobs, the role is similar.
You are overqualified already, as an offshore Medic/RGN to be a DMT. If you got work on a DSV, then you would be the guy sending in the medical bags and telling me what you want done over the comm's! The average DMT course is 10 days, and very basic.
To be a DMT, you don't necessarily have to be a diver, on my first course there was a couple of life support Personnel, who just wanted some insight on what might be needed in a medical emergency, but i think you are getting confused between a Medic on a DSV, and a DMT- do you want to be a Medic on a diving vessel?(if so, you look like you just have to apply for work- the medics on my vessel, for example, are employed through Abermed, and a few phonecalls around the industrial medical companies in aberdeen will get you the info you need)if you want to be a DMT, then you will have to become a commercial Diver, work for a few years, get some experience, the do your DMT course, but you would have to be a working diver, who just happens to know what to do in a medical emergency.

posted : October 25, 2013 Post subject: Dive Medic Training/Jobs/Advice?
Thanks Bagshy2, thats exactly what I needed to know. And yes there was some confusion on my part between being a medic on a dive vessel and being a DMT but that clears things up.
Thanks again.

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