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posted : May 30, 2005 Post subject: advice needed
i've just returned from holiday where I completed a PADI Open Water course, which I have to say was excellent and I loved every part of it.
Whilst I enjoyed the experiance I dont feel I learned a lot - I guess its like driving in that you only learn to drive with experiace and not by a 30 minute test.
Has anyone got any advice on where to go from here - I live in Durham (North East) and would like to find some good dive sites and other divers in the area. I haven't bought any equipment yet as I dont really know what is good and what isn't so would also like advice in this area.

Thanks in advance

Chris (24 Male)

posted : June 1, 2005 Post subject: advice needed
Hi Chris.
Were did you do opw ie: here or abroad, Dry suit - wet suit. Best thing first is to do a couple more pool sessions around 10 quid for use of equitment, the see about doing a boyancy course around 200.00 i now its more money but you will be suprised at how much more you learn & forget. & go out with the school a few more times so they can keep an eye on you i know it's a bit boring but i did all the above & learn much more & now have a good buddy doing good confident dives mostly a capenrway & eci delph & this weekend we are going to a new dive site in Hull.
Equitment: One Must have equitment is a Computer as you're dives will not be same as you're buddy's so i would deff get one. also me personally would not buy second hand, witch i did at my cost & am now replacing everithing for new stuff. Example bought a dry-suit of the school (absolute Bizz get a wet arm every dive ) why not repair? sodding dead money Getting a new Fitted one know. also be carfull bying stuff on ebay Mostly Regs there's Alot of dangerous shit out there (by New ) Apex r good uns. As for diving sites around you're area Sorry not sure Best going to a local dive shop & asking. also try 12mts interest free shopping at go -dive, or divers werehouse for good quality stuff.
& try divernet online magazine for forums & Links to online goodys. Hope this helps
Regards Moses.....

posted : June 3, 2005 Post subject: advice needed
Theres various information available on the internet and other forums to help you choose the right kit for diving in the uk. Your local dive shop is initially a good point of contact for getting out with other divers. unless you know exactly what youre after stay clear of some of the secondhand kit, unless you have someone that can confirm its good value. As regards your location youre pretty well positioned for some good British diving, St Abbs and the Farnes are near to you. As regards prices for kit a bit of surfing on the net will soon help you sus out if youre getting a good deal locally, try some of the places mentioned.

posted : June 29, 2005 Post subject: advice needed
Try Seaham Sub Aqua Club, I dived with them for many years they dive all over the North East and pool train at Peterlee, This guy will tell you more he is still a member...

posted : July 7, 2005 Post subject: advice needed
Hi Chris, re: Moses comment "there is a lot of dangerous shit out there", Provided you get a secondhand set of regs serviced by your local dive shop before you venture into the deep blue then you will be ok. Regs like APEX are great and if you are buying brand new then you do get a "first owner" lifetime warranty as you do with BUDDY bc's.
I agree with Moses in one respect though, and that is if you go rushing into kit purchases & buy cheep, you will end up lashing out more cash replacing the cheep shit that you have already bought.

posted : July 8, 2005 Post subject: advice needed
Dear Chris

I suggest NOT purchasing kit until you have been diving for a bit...if you rent kit, you get to try out various brands/models until you find what seems to suit you best. Also, you may be then have figured out what kind of diving you will be doing, and purchase kit accordingly.

The suggest for Peak Performance Bouyancy is a very good one. The course will give you more confidence and polish underwater. I personally find GBP 200 a bit steep for it, though.
Beyond that, the best thing you can do is DIVE DIVE DIVE anywhere and everyone you can, get that practice in.

Congratulations on your Open Water ticket, and welcome to the oceans!


posted : July 16, 2005 Post subject: advice needed
Sorry Chris advanced buoyancy's only around 100 or so Squid was thinking off somthing else like AOW course.
regard's Moses

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