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posted : May 23, 2005 Post subject: Asthma
I've been diving 3 times (discovery dives), the deepest being 10 metres and I loved it. I now want to learn to dive properly but i have asthma and my gp wont sign the medical form. I had no problems with my chest when I went diving.

As i understand it, the danger is if you get asthma underwater you get air bubbles in your lungs and when you come up and these expand, resulting in a pe? Have I got this right? At what depth is the pressure such that there would be a problem?

posted : May 25, 2005 Post subject: Asthma

I don't know the answer to your question but there is info on this site in the medicine section under the infoermation section of this site on diving with asthma.

The medicine section also has contact details for the BSAC medical referees - who i think are meant to be experts in diving medicine.

Hope this helps

had previously read this article on diving with asthma-

posted : September 7, 2005 Post subject: Asthma
If your still looking out for replies the man to see is Jule Eden at

I'm an instructor and also have Asthma (Mildly) and I go to see him each year for a check up before heading off.

posted : September 9, 2005 Post subject: Asthma
Hi I am a BSAC instructor and have dived with mild asthma (under control) for the past 14years with no ill efects contact one of the BSAC referees for a check up. in a nutshell if you have a asthma attack under water its possible the airways will close up and you will have difficulty breathing out. It need not be a problem depending on how bad your asthma is, or how well its controled, and what starts off the attacks, hope it all works out for you Paul

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