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posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: On Line Shop
Can someone please recommend an online dive shop where I can buy some equipment. I'm just starting out and want somewhere that offers good value for money. Doesn't matter whether it's US based cos the $ is quite low at the moment.

posted : October 17, 2004 Post subject: On Line Shop

posted : October 28, 2004 Post subject: On Line Shop

posted : January 7, 2005 Post subject: On Line Shop
Try buy local and do a deal. support your local dive shop.I've lost money trying to return faulty goods to online stores who know you are not able to confront them face to face and can mess you around.

posted : January 7, 2005 Post subject: On Line Shop
To be honest, buying local and striking a deal can prove really to be the best option! i bought a dry suit at the dive show and yes what a night mare, the postage costs and the to ing and fro ing made it a right pain! also if you need repairs or servicing your local dealer is going to be the person you go back to, so it makes sense to start off on the right foot.
go has good deals, but the postage is about 10, so it can bulk the price up

posted : January 10, 2005 Post subject: On Line Shop Loadsa stores here :)

I think the recomendation is not to buy any life support equipment online. I'd buy locally, you've got that person to person interaction, able to ask questions, and most importantly try stuff on! and this is coming from someone who buys bread and milk off the net lol

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