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posted : May 24, 2013 Post subject: Wetsuit diving in the UK
Hello everyone!

I'm newly qualified from the PADI open water course which I completed in Jordan and I'm keen to continue diving in the UK.

Unfortunately, I have very little money and as such buying a dry suit is out of the question. :( I already own a wetsuit and have been advised that there are a few dives in the UK that I might be able to do in my wetsuit, which would minimise rental/buying costs.

Does anyone know of any simple dives in the UK (depth up to 18m) that I could undertake in my wetsuit over the summer?

I know that this is a slightly controversial topic, with many saying that the UK is simply too cold to dive in with a wetsuit. However, I am not expecting to be able to do this year round, or even regularly over the summer. I'm just hoping that there is the occasional - maybe 1 or 2 - sites where the consensus is that the water is warm enough that it's possible!

Many thanks in advance for any advice/info!


posted : July 29, 2013 Post subject: Wetsuit diving in the UK
Hi, not sure if you got any replies on this but my husband and I have dived in the uk in wetsuits and been absolutely fine. The water was only 12degrees as it was October and he wears a 7mm dive wetsuit, mine is a double layered 5.5mm each so 11mm in total. Feel a bit like the Michelin man but I didn't get cold at all and were in for an hour. This was just off the coast of Torquay in Devon. Hope you have managed it.

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