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posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Error on Monitor 2
Please can you help me with this battery-problem.
I own a Monitor 2. A while ago I noticed a low battery. I went to several dealers in my country (Belgium,Europe) for battery replacement but they all refused to help me because factory- service is discontinued. So I decided to replace the battery myself. Now I get an error message on the screen. Is there any possibility to remove this error myself?
I simply cannot believe I have to throw away this nearly 9 years-old, good-working diving computer!!

Kind regards,


posted : January 22, 2005 Post subject: Error on Monitor 2
I have a similar problem! Did you manage to get yours sorted? If so would be grateful for where to go

posted : March 29, 2005 Post subject: Error on Monitor 2
If you can get a hold of Diver Mag have a look in the back and there are a few shops that still change the battery for the Monitor 2 the cost is about 40 inc postage re gelling testing and so on

posted : April 11, 2005 Post subject: Error on Monitor 2
Dear Eric
If you have a Monitor 2+ the only way to get the error cleared is by getting the Scubapro Tech in Brussels to reset the computer. It needs the software he and the Scubapro technicians have.
You can also ask if they are offering a trade in or service exchange on that model for a newer computer.

posted : July 9, 2005 Post subject: Error on Monitor 2
Do you have any names of companies that can replace the Monitor II battery. I've looked in Diver and couldn't see any.

posted : July 9, 2005 Post subject: Error on Monitor 2
I suggest Midland Diving equipment in Leicester, Endland, they are the Aqua LUng dealer for the UK and are very efficient, just search Aqua Lung dealerships on the internet search engine, this should get yourcomputer back on the road....good luck

posted : April 13, 2014 Post subject: Error on Monitor 2
When you have the err massage on the screen get a 3 volt battery I used one from a camera , solder a wire on to each end of it , then keep touching the metal sensors on the front in any random order till the computer burst back into life I did it on Saturday , it does work , hope this helps somebody , Iain

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