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posted : November 19, 2012 Post subject: getting started
hey guys i have been intrested in scuba diving for a long time and reallt want to get into it. i live in warrington close to manchester and was wondering what should i expect to pay for gear and training and also is scuba diving in the uk like the blue waters

iain denham
posted : December 18, 2012 Post subject: getting started
No complete opposite of "blue waters" find a local club and do a try dive 15 ish and they will give you all the details you need but dont look at 1 club look around.

posted : February 8, 2013 Post subject: getting started
I am also from warrington and have recently qualified. Fun friendly and great experienced instructors made it all the more worthwhile, the club also dives all year round. If you would like details PM me and I will provide. Also if you do decide to get into it, be nice to have a buddy to go on some dives with :-) - Mike

diving diva
posted : February 21, 2013 Post subject: getting started
You pay BSAC membership which is currently 54.00 per year but due to increase slightly in April. Membership fees vary from branch to branch. Most branches carry equipment for training although I think most would expect you to have at least a suit once you are ready to go into open water. Costs to buy gear again vary considerably you can get really good deals second hand as long as you ask someone with experience to have a look at it with you and make sure equipment such as bottles are in test and regulators serviced. Suits - semi dry 200 for a decent one. Dry suit around the 400 upwards to as much as you are willing to pay. Check out our website and our facebook group page!/groups/131108140295052/?fref=ts has videos of diving in uk waters which as you will see can be every bit as good as abroad. We are based in St Helens so not to far away from Warrington if you find the other branch is not for you. Good luck with your diving hope you get sorted.

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