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posted : April 28, 2005 Post subject: Aquazepp Batteries
Anyone know a good source for replacement batteries for an Aquazepp LT-30? (Aside from Joseph R of Aquazepp himself - want to save myself a little on postage).

What make and model number are they?


posted : May 8, 2005 Post subject: Aquazepp Batteries
Make and model isn't nessasary, all you need is the voltage and most importantly the ampheure (AH) of the batteryS - there's 2, and depending what size of zepp you have, depends on the size.

maplin stores hold the zepp battery.

What you will have to do to the large battery(s) is file off the top edges (like the original ones) for it to slide into the body. If its a small LT-30, you'll be about 70 for the 2 - 1big and 1 small.

posted : May 14, 2005 Post subject: Aquazepp Batteries
have a look on euro .

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