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posted : September 20, 2012 Post subject: Weight belt keeps falling !
Hi i have just passed my pool training side of my padi-scotsac crossover and i'm doing my dry suit training but find my weight belt keeps slipping down I had 14.5kg on the belt it seem to be the back that slips so i have been thinking about how to keep it up at the back i have came up with the idea of adding a small length of webbing to the bottom of my bcd back plate to another length looped around the weight belt and connecting them with a large side release buckle for removal of the belt in and emergency/de-kiting.

What do you guys think of this idea ?
I will at some point get a harness with shot pockets but my banks took a hammering getting all my kit so far so will need to wait a while .

Thanks Jamie

posted : September 23, 2012 Post subject: Weight belt keeps falling !
i think that may work just remember when you are doing you buddy check to mention the extra release.

iain denham
posted : December 19, 2012 Post subject: Weight belt keeps falling !
As Jeff said remember to let your buddy know on the buddy check.

Also when we were taught to dive we were told to tighten adjust and make comfortable the kit we were wearing as we descended to the bottom and before finning off, this helps with keeping kit comfortable and snug.

I think the feeling is especially when just starting diving is right got to the bottom lets fin off straightaway or get into your fin pivots etc.

Get yourself comfortable and relaxed and happy with your kit before doing anything.

posted : December 26, 2012 Post subject: Weight belt keeps falling !
First how much weight ? God I've never dove with that much do checks ditch some weight,secondly move the weight around,ankle weights,pocket weights ,on ur tank,etc you don't need that much on ur belt ,

posted : December 29, 2012 Post subject: Weight belt keeps falling !
Consider buying a weight harness

iain denham
posted : January 2, 2013 Post subject: Weight belt keeps falling !
When I do my own weight check (PADI style) it comes out to 11.5 Kg in fresh water so if I assume an extra 2 Kg in salt water Id be on that weight size as well!

Mind I am a tad over weight ;-)

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