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posted : September 14, 2012 Post subject: Getting Back into Diving
HI everyone.

I passed my PADI junior Open water 12years ago.. and havent dived now for about 10years..

I am no longer a junior, but looking to get back into diving.

Can anyone give me any advice on the best route to take..
I am reasonably close to wraysbury and looking at getting down there the weekend to seek some advice also.

i have never dived with a dry suit before, do i have to do the dry suit course?
I was looking at doing the AOW, with drysuit as one of the spec's. Is this possible?

I look forward to getting back into it, and hopefully be able to buddy with people in thefuture.

Thanks for your help.


posted : September 19, 2012 Post subject: Getting Back into Diving
Firstly, welcome back to the world of SCUBA!

Since it's been so long since you were certified/in the water, I would suggest re-taking the open water course; there's just too much you have forgotten. As an Instructor I personally would not be comfortable putting you into AOW without it.

Regarding drysuit diving: yes, I would suggest a course taught by a qualified Instructor. A drysuit is NOT just another passive piece of equipment you put on & use (like a set of fins). You need proper training to use it safely & effectively.

The PADI drysuit course requires confined water lessons as well as some academics before you get into open water, so it's not really a good choice for one of the AOW courses.


posted : September 21, 2012 Post subject: Getting Back into Diving
HI Submariner,

Thanks for being the only person to reply.

Although i didnt see your response in time.
I went to my local dive centre, and spoke to them and they advised the Scuba Review, depending on the outcome whether i woudl need to redo my OW or not.

Fortunately enough i was sufficent in completing the tasks, and dont feel that i had forgotten too much.

i think it helped that i read the whole OW water manual last week to brush up.

I will now be looking at doing a couple of guided dives with an instructor to break myself in, and then i will look at doing my drysuit and AOW courses after taht..

Thanks for your advice.


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