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posted : May 5, 2012 Post subject: Beginners Dreams Shattered
I'm a late beginner and just started my Padi open water.

I've dreamed of this for such a long time, remember watching the local scuba club going into the pool when I was learning to swim. I've just never lost the fascination. Having done plenty of snorkelling in the past I've never had the courage to go any further -until now. Now as I'm just getting older have finally plucked up the courage and have someone to do it with.

We had our first pool session on thursday and I'm heartbroken. Its just not what I expected, I don't like the gear & how restrictive it makes me feel. I really don't like the noise from the bubbles from the regulator, the lack of balance and stability I have in the water.

I had to stop before we even got to the first set skills - I felt I couldn't concentrate on the instructor because I was so peoccupied with how uncomfortable I felt. It just felt so alien, I wasn't afraid nor paniced, I'm really confident in the water in general but this just all felt wrong.

Didn't sleep at all on thursday night, can't stop thinking about it. I spoke to the dive school yesterday and have told them I'll continue, but can't help but think I've made a mistake.

Is this unusual and am I right to try and see it through? Will I feel better about it given time or am I a lost cause?

Crap first post I know, but just wanted to talk more about it.


Justin ESSEX
posted : May 7, 2012 Post subject: Beginners Dreams Shattered
Stick with it!! I was had some anxiety at first doing the skills, and now i cant get enough of diving.

Noise from the regulator you cant do nothing about and over some time, your not even be thinking about that noise at all. As for feeling restrictive with the gear did they give you ladies BCD or a male one?


posted : May 8, 2012 Post subject: Beginners Dreams Shattered
I have just started helping with teaching and seen this in a person before. It may be the gear you have been given as Justin said or, it's a case getting used to the feel of the gear. Try just putting once pice on at a time like just wearing the BCD while just in your normal cloths no tank or anything get usd to that first and then build it up all in your own comfy cloths. Then once happy with that put on a dry suit or wet suit and just walk round for a bit in it and get used to it. Then build the kit up again one layer at a time and hope it feels a bit more natural.
Hope this works for you and just remember its not just you it's happend to other people before and you won't be the last it happens to!
Fingers crossed it will all work out :-) and enjoy the underwater world

Lee Lacey
posted : May 15, 2012 Post subject: Beginners Dreams Shattered
Hi Becky. I havent been diving long - a few months only.
At first the equipment does feel restrictive. However, by what you have said, it does not look like you went to the deep end of the pool. I felt better when during my training I went to the deep end. I was able to use boyancy control better. I was even better when I did my first open water dive at Eccleston Delph. My advice is to stay with it.

Good luck


posted : May 31, 2012 Post subject: Beginners Dreams Shattered
Hi Becky, I too was a late developer when it came to diving and totally understand your disappointment with the first experience in the water. All the equipment is so alien and seems overwhelming at first. My Instructor was so patient and understanding of my misgivings and after 3 or 4 sessions in the water my confidence in both myself and the equipment became much better. Try to stick with it if you can as you seem to be really keen to give diving a shot. I have to say it's the best thing I've ever done and I wish I'd found this wonderful activity when I was much, much younger. A good dive school and Instructor will be there to support and help you through all your problems and worries and I'm sure that in time you will learn to love the underwater world. It takes time to develop the skills and buoyancy and stability in the water are parts of these skills. I was terrible for the first few sessions but then it just all seemed to click into place..hang in there, Becky :-)

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