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posted : March 18, 2012 Post subject: Cv's
posted : Today, 2012 Post subject: Cv's
Go on the jobs page and see some of the comments people put! Even when its explained clearly!!...
Times like this when work is quiet and we're all competeing for afew slots you'd think an effort would be made to
impress the person offering the job...
Why bother paying 18,000-ish on a dive course if your not going to sell yourself?
Don't they realise the course is the very very first the occupation?
I was on the web site for Jobs afew nights back and l could see there that lads straight off course had had no
schooling on how to apply for posts or even how to advertise they were available...
Now this site is veted by Fort William so its not hard to see that theres a gaping hole in the course syallbus for helping new divers to write cv's or at least now how to apply for a situation vacant!...
Thats me done and the therapy is working.... Cheer's...

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