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Derek M
posted : December 1, 2011 Post subject: Into the Lions Mouth
Iíll be open in that I am not a fan of many non technical books on diving as many have in the past been either inaccurate or none descript, written in some cases by people with little knowledge of the industry.

But I am now about to eat my words and I had to read this book twice (to reference the entire appendix) as it was that compelling and I wanted to recall what the facts were. The author of this book spent 14 years and a great deal of time and effort in undertaking significant research (he has those acknowledged links in the back of the book) and writing up that research to bring the whole subject of this tragedy alive, allowing you to feel the emotions of those involved. What compelled him to do this I will never know, but it is a tragic event that many should learn from. When he eventually gets to the pearly gates there will be two guys there to meet him with St Peter.

This is a heartfelt book of a tragedy that should have had a happy ending but didnít for the reasons in the book, it reveals company mismanagements, dodgy and corrupt dealings (money before lives) of the diving contractors, the inept attitude of the government towards safety, the fictitious attitude of the industry including the AODC (now IMCA) towards the health and safety of the diving community and numerous safety failings and the legal framework the crooked company Infabco used to negate that responsibility towards its workforce.

Iíd recommend it be on every divers table as a lesson of how things were up until the 1990s.
Take it from me it is worth every penny of a read.

Derek Moore

Order the book HERE

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