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Mr Mike
posted : July 17, 2011 Post subject: How boat diving works
I'm a complete novice, and have never dived off the coast before. Can anyone explain briefly how the arrangements work if you pay for a place on a charter boat? What do the people running the boat do, how much of the diving is organised/supervised/lead etc?

I mean, do they just take you to the GPS coordinates and say, off you go then have fun. Or do they set up shot lines etc?


posted : July 21, 2011 Post subject: How boat diving works
Hi Mike- normally if you book through one of the boat companies that are used to running trips for parties of divers they will generally have it organised. The people chartering may have asked to dive cerrtain sites or the skipper may have chosen some of local interest. Generally the skipper/crew will give safety briefing and how to board/leave the boat - use of SMB's etc and what to do in case of emergency. They normally provide water/ cup of tea etc and will log people on and off- board. I have found different boats run a litle differently but generally they are 'hot' on safety.

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