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posted : March 2, 2011 Post subject: Transfer to RN Divers??
Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on transfering into the RN, in particular diving. I'm currently serving and a SNCO. I'm concerned with the possible pay reduction and im also trying to find out what the process is. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

posted : March 6, 2011 Post subject: Transfer to RN Divers??
I cud be mistaken but i think there a waiting list to go full time as RN Diver??? I am almost in the RNR Diver Branch pretty much same selection process Attend pre- selection (2 days of phys including interview) then complete medicals (prelims bloods and x ray) and then attend aptitude (2 days of diving and phys) commence training...good times. you can fail at anytime during the process. you also need so many minutes diving, 1000 I think? you can speak to RN career advisor at AFCO to comfirm what is actually required. Hope ths helps.

posted : April 5, 2011 Post subject: Transfer to RN Divers??
If you speak to your admin office or Education centre an enquire about Internal Transfer fairs. I believe you can tranfers between services but dont quote me on it.

That is where i would start.

posted : May 14, 2011 Post subject: Transfer to RN Divers??
Hi there i am currently serving in RN but due to leave in september to be full time commercial diver, my friend transferd to diver a few yrs back hes doing great , however i read 1 post saying that thete is waiting list/process this is true as its becoming a popular branch within th RN with the skills n experience you can take outside.

To regards to the pay you get your Normal wage every month roughly 1400 as an AB after tax but you get extras on top of that which also depends on how many dives you do in that period. I hace been told can be up to couple hundred quid for each dive. Not bad pay if you can manafe few dives a month.

People will say thats nothing compared to pay in real world but outside the navy you are not garanteed a wage but in navy you will

posted : May 25, 2011 Post subject: Transfer to RN Divers??
Speak to your branch manager to see if you can get manning clearance to branch transfer to the RN first. Once you have approval then you will be invited to Horsea Island for a Divers Aptitude test prior to that you will do an acquaint for 3 days at either outhers Diving unit 1 in Plymouth or Southern Diving unit 2 in Portsmouth depending on availability. If you pass the Acquaint and DPFT (divers Physical fitness test) you will attend the Aptitude test (1 week long) at the Island.

RNR do a much shorter version of both aptitude and training as they are part time. DPFT consists of a 1.5Mile warm up run conducted in a squad followed by a 1.5 mile run as an individual and it must be under 10.5Mins after a 2min rest you must achieve 8 full arm pull ups straight arm all the way up/down. 40 sit ups in a minute and 12 full arm dips. The physical side to the course is INSANE and in water fitness essential.

posted : May 25, 2011 Post subject: Transfer to RN Divers??
Navydavie that is incorrect you do not receive 'up to a couple of hundred per dive' hahaha..

You are entitled to specialist pay as in many other branches of the RN as a clearance diver it is EOD pay (Danger pay) as it is often called which is an incremented scale and depending on experience/time done as with sea pay depends on what scale you are on. Starting at approx 200 a Month extra on the lower levels ; )

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