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posted : March 1, 2011 Post subject: Study where?

Iím a Swedish guy who planning to become a commercial diver in the future and I need your help to find a good Ďcommercial diving schoolí. My goal is to work internationally in all kinds of countries and places around the world.

If Iím going to spend a lot of money on an expensive education abroad then I want to be sure that it is worth it (and the time). Iím looking for a degree program in commercial diving (marine) technology; it doesnít really matter where it is (in which country) as long as it is a good one.

It should be a program where you learn all kinds of underwater works such as welding, drilling, demolition and so on. It should also give courses in salvage, hazmat/nuclear diving, inspection, non-destructive testing, saturation diving, ROV with more.

With other words; an education that gives me the biggest opportunities possible to get a good work when Iím finished with the studies.
The courses most be held in English, Swedish or Russian.


posted : March 20, 2011 Post subject: Study where?
Hi, i am planning to do commercial diving also and the two places that i have looked at both seem to be in Scotland, they are apparently the most recognised worldwide. One is called The Underwater Centre & is based in Fort William, the other is The Professioinal Diving Academy & is in a place called Dunoon.

I hope that this helps. Paul

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