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posted : February 24, 2011 Post subject: New equipment
Hi, I'm new to scuba diving and was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to purchase scuba diving equipment??
Cheers nick

posted : February 25, 2011 Post subject: New equipment
hi nick depending on your budget your local dive shop or ebay if you want used kit just make sure you get it checked by someone who knows what they are doing.

posted : February 27, 2011 Post subject: New equipment
If you can get to one of the various dive shows around itís always a good place to buy Ė normally some good deals and loads of choice. Iíve bought accessories (lights, rattles, knife) all online with no problems also.

posted : February 27, 2011 Post subject: New equipment
Hi Nick,
I've bought 95% of my kit from eBay,( I now have full kit) saved a fortune, and I have not had any problems with any of it, There are some real bargains to be had if you take your time and don't rush in to buying the first thing you see. You just need to remember to get your items checked out / serviced before you use them.

posted : February 28, 2011 Post subject: New equipment
Thanks for the help guys just find it abit difficult to trust eBay with it just Being an auction. I live near London and see theres a show held in the o2, I think its once a year? Would you recommend going to that? What make of equipment would you recommend? And what to stay clear of? Sorry about all the questions cheers

posted : March 3, 2011 Post subject: New equipment
You've just missed the dive show. Talking to your local dive show is a good start. I personally recommend a Buddy Commando for BCD and you can pick tehm up on E-Bay.. I just got one thats 3 months old for £185. I like scubapro regs myself and have gone for a Mk25 first stage with a G250V second.

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