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posted : February 15, 2005 Post subject: Gift for a friend
Right apologise if you've had a million of these already and if this is going seem very naive BUT I was wondering if anyone could suggest how I could 'buy' a special someone a dive as a present. A certain someone in my life is a qualified Dive master (I think it is) and has done numerous dives off far off exotic coats BUT now she is back in the UK hasn't dived. Is it possible to 1. get suggestions about where are the best places to try to buy a dive for her and two ask for companies who might arrange such a thing. There are loads of 'gift days' for trainign courses etc BUT this fair lady just needs the equipment, a great place to dive and someone to show her about. Is this possible?

posted : February 15, 2005 Post subject: Gift for a friend
Hi, The equipment could be a problem as most diving around the Uk is geared up for folk who have their own, but places to go is not. There are many boat operators around the coastline and their contacts can be found on this site. It may be better if this person was to contact a dive club, SAA, BSAC etc. and maybe do a few dives with them as the skills needed to dive in the UK can differ from exotic sites, ie. use of dry-suits instead of wetsuits.
hope this helps.

posted : February 28, 2005 Post subject: Gift for a friend
Just a quick thank you for the advice. Lead me down the right route and I think I've found the perfect course based in Sheffield to get Deb (the person in question) the training to help her dive off UK coast. Thank you very much indeed.

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