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posted : November 16, 2010 Post subject: Commercial diving jobs
Hi everyone, i have read all the stories about divers not getting jobs after become qualified but i also notice most of the hypes are all about the North Sea? just wondering tho has anyone even try looking for work elsewhere? like in OZ or asia pacific region? i know beginers dont always get good wages at first but i suppose you have to start somewhere rite? and maybe just maybe consider moving abroad? take your family and live somewhere else? probly better life style and cheaper to live too. of course anyone would be disappointed if they not getting paid top Dollar especially after investing ££££ on training cos i would but be positive lads! dont work hard but work smart and keep goin! and those oldtimer i've done it all before divers trying to feed negative vibes to the new generations of wannabe divers please stop it now cos its not funny anymore!!! this is 2010 not 1970's ok!!!!

Derek M
posted : November 18, 2010 Post subject: Commercial diving jobs
Donít believe what those doom mongers tell you on here, this is what you want to hear which is a lot more than the schools will tell you.

Undertake a full offshore surface supplied diving course and in addition to this undertake all the following course options.
1. IMCA Tools Module
2. Wet Welding with AWS 3.6D approval
3. CSWIP 3.1U and 3.2U
4. Lloyds Underwater Inspector
5. Underwater Rigging and Lifting
6. IMCA Diver Medic
7. Oxygen Administration
8. VHF Radio License
9. RYA Advanced Powerboat Certificate
10. IMCA Assistant Life Support Technician
11. IEE Underwater Explosives
12. Hat Technician
13. Underwater Cutting
14. Underwater Salvage

In addition you will need the following certification
1. OLF Offshore Survival and Firefighting
2. MIST Training
3. Norway Medical to work in Norway
4. Dutch Certification to work in Holland
5. Canadian Certificate to work in Canada
6. Australian Certification to work in Australia

Make sure you have the following in date Vaccination certification
1. Yellow fever
2. Typhoid
3. Tetanus
4. Cholera
5. Polio
6. Hepatitis A
7. Diphtheria
8. Selection of Malaria Tablets for the work region

Make sure you have the following as a minimum;
1. Personal travel insurance in case you extend your stay abroad after a job
2. EHIC Health Card if you are an EA National and working in Europe
3. Diving Insurance in case the company cover is a little dodgy, especially overseas
4. Passports x 2 in case one is required for visas and you are stuck in some dodgy embassy
5. Seamanís Discharge book, invaluable as a cheap immigration by pass route which companyís love
6. Seamanís Card, great for that extra baggage allowance on schedule flights
7. International Drivers License with your own country drivers license
8. A good accountant (rare as hens teeth) for when those large tax bills arrive on the door
9. A union card to recover unpaid wages and fight your corner if you are injured at work, it will happen.
10. Life Insurance before you undertake the diver training course as it will cost a large premium once you start diving or be impossible to get.

Once you have that lot start sending that action packed CVs and donít forget to tell them all your prior recreational diving experience before you took it up professionally. Donít bother backing this up with phone calls as the work will be flying in as you will have all the international requirements.

I have all those and more besides and Iím never out of work and have to turn offers down. So donít let those doom mongers on here tell you are wasting your time. After all its only money, you will recoup in no time, honest.

Once you have the minimum experience under your belt, undertake the saturation course and youíll be raking in over a £1000 a day. Simple when you are told how.

You go for it fella, the world is there for the taking and all the moaners on here are scared for their jobs when they see guys like you coming through with all those qualifications.

Derek Moore whoís read the book, seen the film, done the course, served the time in underwater development, design, destruction, demolition and fragmentation including my additional useful attributes which are, Oppressor of Champions, Soldier of Fortune, World Traveler, Bon Vivant, All round Good Guy, International Lover, Casual hero, Philosopher, Seeker of Peace and a Legend in his Own Time. In addition to, Wars Fought, Bears Wrestled, Equations Solved, Virgins Enlightened, Revolutions Quelled, Tigers Castrated, Orgies Organized, Bars Quaffed Dry, Governments Run and Test Rockets Flown. Bet thatís not on many CVs

posted : November 25, 2010 Post subject: Commercial diving jobs
Yeah, loosers! I qualified 2 months ago, and I've already had 2 weeks work on a salmon farm. Another 6 weeks and it's the Saturation course for me!
As for working overseas- Top Idea- best get in there before any other Brit divers have the same idea. I reckon there MUST be diving work in the Middle East, or Asia, what with all the Oil there. Probably a LOT better paid, too- just look at the King or Brunei, or the dude that owns Dubai. I bet they have better EVERYTHING out there, due to the money, etc. These old farts from the North sea would probably never get off their Fat Arses to even THINK about getting a job out there! LOL!

posted : November 29, 2010 Post subject: Commercial diving jobs
I can't tell if these first two replies were sarcastic or not but I'm assuming so.

There's no jobs in Dubai right now they don't have any money. But there are upcoming jobs in other parts of the middle east - however I still wouldn't rule out being able to find civils work close to home once you qualify.

Ignore that first reply, it isn't feasible to do all those qualifications before starting work unless you are a millionaire.

You need to get your commercial scuba ticket and then your surface supplied ticket - along with the other basics i.e. your medical, first aid. Forget the welding and inspection tickets for now until you've got experience.

If you are determined to be a Commercial Diver it is certainly possible and there is still work but you must be prepared to start off slowly - you may only get a days work here and there until a company has the availability to take you on full time and you have proven you're a hard worker. Good luck and be careful what advice you take. Always do your own research and make a few phone calls.

posted : December 1, 2010 Post subject: Commercial diving jobs
Hi Ben/CDiving

If you cannot tell if these posts are sarcastic or not, you are not in a position to offer advice to newbies. Leave that to us cynical old bastards.

Hungover sat-diver

posted : December 1, 2010 Post subject: Commercial diving jobs
Also, there is no work in Dubai cos there is no oil there. They went bust trying to keep up with Abu Dhabi, which does have oil.

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