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posted : February 8, 2005 Post subject: exo26 help
Hi. I have a KM exo26, and looking for some advice on the use of it for scuba! I have dived using it for a few times, but have the problem that it leaks around the temples when i fin lokking anywhere but face down., and in this position the breathing resistance is quite high. is there an adjustement i need to make having turned the flow control from fully in to fully out, and not having cured the problem!!!

posted : April 19, 2005 Post subject: exo26 help
Try buying the manual or better still take a helmet diving course. If all else fails find your local Kirby Morgan dealer as it sounds like your exo needs a service.

posted : May 15, 2005 Post subject: exo26 help
Pull on the spiders jaw straps first, then the temples and finally the top of head. The mask is a positive pressure so you need a seal. You may need a special cut away hood. The balanced regulator EXO's the yellow ones shouldn't be a problem, the dial a breath is only there for show. On the older EXO's the original black one, better in my opinion, use it to reduce the breathing resistance if you are "working" hard.

posted : May 26, 2005 Post subject: exo26 help
try or similar equipment suppliers who have on-line manuals that you can view or download with with adobe.

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